Made in China


Does made in China affect your buying decisions? (bag wise!)

  1. yes it does!

  2. no, i could care less

  3. pretty the bag is and who makes it.

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  1. after reading the kooba made in China thread i thought it would be interesting to see if anyone would buy a bag made in China, if so, what would be the price point that would make you say no b/c it's from China.

    and would the design break that price point (meaning if the look is absolutely TDF but the price range is higher then what you'd pay for a made in China bag)

    to the point, where the bag is made...does that effect your buying habits?
  2. I just posted in the kooba made in China thread trying to understand why 'Made in China' is such a con to many people. Personally it's not really a factor in my decision making process. Many brands I like make their products in China, and I find the quality to be good. And, when the brands state 'Made in China', at least they are being honest compared to those who made everything in China and only did some minor finishing part in other more expensive places, such as France and Italy, and then label it 'Made in Italy'. :shrugs:
  3. i really don't think it depends on where it's made. most of the time i don't even know where it's made (okok i admit, i don't even bother checking to see where it's made) i just buy it cause it's tdf!
  4. I don't care. Quiet as its kept, lots of diff bags are made in China. I just bought a beauuuuuuuutiful Cole Haan bag (in a croc skin - jade green) and happened to glace at the tag... made in China. Not a big deal 2 me.
  5. If we chose to not buy anything made in China we'd have very little...and alot less handbags. I do get a thrill out of seeing "Made in the USA" but that is a rarity anymore. I held on to a few Dooney's I had that were made in the USA. I felt they were kind of special...LOL But alas...Dooney now makes their bags in China. I love my Koobas...wherever they were made. But 2 Balenciagas were made in Paris.
  6. I have a problem with buying Made in China when it comes to luxury goods. How does the label justify charging high prices when it has cost significantly less to manufacture it in the Far East?

    I would only buy if the price reflected the fact that it has cost less to make.
  7. Yes but like Ecthelion said most if not all of it is probably made in china annyway. I would buy a bag made in China, but if I had the choice I would prefer to encourage local employement better.
  8. Personally, I avoid them. China is well known for making FAKES of Italian bags, they are they #1 importer of counterfeit products. I wish they would suffer more consequences for that practice. If I know that a particular brand of handbag is manufactured there, I'm turned off.
    I realize that in this country, it would be near impossible to boycott Chinese goods, and apparel is a big part of that; but my bags... I don't know. They're somewhat sacred to me. Not knocking anyone who buys authentic Chinese bags, it's just difficult for me to feel comfortable with it.
  9. Ellen Tracy bags are made in China. I'm thinking you didn't know that...

  10. I'll second this. :yes:
    Insert Coach for your Dooney's, and I could have written this post. I saved all my Coach's, but I let my Dooney go. :shrugs:

    It was my first high end bag too....if I had only had a flash forward to now...knowing that I would have been nostagic about it. :crybaby:
  11. To me it's not about how pretty it is or who makes it. If it's $$$$$ AND made in China, forget it. I won't contribute my hard-earned money to a company like that. If it's cheap, and the savings are passed on to the consumer (ME in other words), then that's okay, but it's also not something I seek out. I can find nice Italian bags at, and I've also found some great American-made bags online.
  12. High price points don't make sense to me if the bag was made in a country that has little or no labor standards for their workers.

    This is not to say that the goods are of any lower quality... but the quality of the workers lives is most certainly impacted.

    When I have the option (and can afford to) buy from a country where I know there are wage standards, environmental protection standards, hours-per-week standards, mandatory allowance of bathroom and meal break standards, and age standards (no child laborers), then I would prefer my money to go toward that economy.

    Unfortunately, due to post-modern phenomena like globalization and Western, neo-liberal economic policies, goods made in countries with humane labor policies and environmental policies are becoming more and more limited (and as supply and demand go, more expensive). And when those goods are available to consumers they are often priced out of the range of the majority of middle class families (in developed countries).

    /end rant... My partner and I are phd students and he studies international economics, development, and labor policy so we talk about this a lot. It is why we both prefer (and are able to rationalize more easily) purchasing from certain designers over others. Though it is nearly impossible to completely avoid buying from countries with atrocious labor and human rights standards... we try to be conscious of it.
  13. I don't mind if it's where the designers made their authentic bags, like Juicy Couture ~ they are made in China and authentic. But, for other designers who don't manufacture their authentic bags in China, it's no way as it's definitely FAKE! To know whether such a brand manufacture their product in China or not just simply check on their boutiques, IMO.
  14. I'm bumping this thread because I just learned something from a friend of mine who designs belts right here in NYC, USA. She said unless we know as a fact that the bag company has their own factory in Italy, then it should be assumed the bag was not made there and even when they do, they allot a certain amount to be made "abroad"! :shocked: So, in answer to this thread, I do mind if the prices are excessive!! This topic has been discussed countless times, but if the bag is made by hand in Italy, I am willing to pay the extra money. If it is made by slave labor, I don't appreciate paying too much for it!
  15. yes it does