Made in China?

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  1. I think Mulberry bags are made in this correct? Unfortunately, the only way I can access Mulberry bags is online since there isn't a boutique anywhere near me, and they don't say where they're made on their website.

    If they are made in China, what are people's opinions on spending that much $ on a bag made in China. I know there has been some controversy on it regarding Burberry bags & wonder if the same opinions relate to Mulberry.

    How do you find the quality, compared to, say, Louis Vuitton?

  2. I have a Mulberry Canvas Blenheim bag Made in China.
    I bought it off e-bay three months ago and found out today that it is indeed genuine. I do think that it is taking away the Mulberry "Made in England" good quality bags image, but saying that their bags are still sturdy and stylish.
  3. Also I have always bought Prada or Gucci bags and do find the quality of these bags second to none. Mulberry bags would be my third choice of a designer bag.
  4. All my mulberrys are made in england, I also have an agenda/planner and its british made too.
  5. I got 2 Mulberry's and mine are made in China and Turkey.
  6. i got my first mulberry (bayswater) yesterday and it says made in england...ive heard they make them elsewhere but i couldnt say for sure....there are lots of people here that seem to know lots about mulberry though so hopefully someone can help you :smile:
  7. There are only a few ranges that are made in England these days, although I understand Mulberry will be making a few more items here now. Items can be made in England, Spain, Turkey, China, Scotland (for cashmere and wool items), and some wallets are made in the EEC (country unspecific). They are made in those countries, then finished in Somerset, England. Some items will be stamped or labelled to that effect and some won't.

    Regarding the difference in quality, well LV make in Spain, the USA and France too. I have LV, Gucci, Prada, Dior and Mulberry items, personally I think the LV and Gucci are better quality than Mulberry. Prada is a bit hit and miss, the shoes are, in my opinion, better quality than the bags (my last Prada bag had to be returned after about 4 uses).
  8. I purchased a Phoebe from Nordstrom last year and it was made in China.
    I saw a couple of Bayswaters on sale, one was made in England the other in China and they were exactly the same bag.
    I remember checking their website too and they completely failed to mention where their bags were made.
  9. I got a mulberry made in china? can this be fake? it looks very real and the lady I got it from said she got it at nieman marcus.
  10. Mulberry havefactories in the U.K , China , Spain , Turkey , EEC , the list goes on .
  11. Thank you !!!
  12. Yep, quite normal. What colour araline did you get? Welcome to the mulberry forum by the way!
  13. Thanks! What's Araline? I'm just now discovering the "Mulberry world" and starting to love it!
  14. Sorry, I dont know why, but I thought I read that you had bought an araline! Must have imagined it!
  15. Ok, to your knowledge has any bag ever been made in china by mulberry???