Made in China??

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  1. Are Coach bags really made in China? :wtf:
  2. That's what some of the labels So?
  3. I'm just surprised
  4. Yep...for awhile now.
  5. Yup Coach is made in China:sad:
  6. They do. I use to think that they were made in the USA. They are an American classic.
  7. Coach is made in several countries, but China stands out.
  8. They used to be years ago. Sara Lee corp bought coach and sent production to China from what I've read.
  9. I was just wondering whether anyone noticed the new scarves (since last season) are all made in China now. They used to be made in Japan. However, the quality didn't seem to slip. I am rather surprisingly impressed.
  10. I bought a HAMPTONS PEBBLED LEATHER LARGE CARRYALL in January. This is my first Coach, since i'm not a big fan of the brand. but i wanted a large, sturdy school bag for a reasonable price.
    few days later i bought it, when i was reading the inside label, i found out it was made in china.. and i freaked out!! I am sure it's authentic coz it was bought at a coach store in Canada.
    is this common for a Coach purse? How do you feel about your bags being made in China?
  11. Yes, some are made in China.
  12. New Coach bags are made in China with a very few exceptions. But there's nothing wrong with them being made in China!; they're incredibly high quality because Coach won't have it any other way :smile:
  13. kinda scared me at first too, but they are made in china (as so many other good things are ;))
  14. And even more "not so good things". Personally, I'd be happy to pay more to NOT have my bag made there.

  15. A lot of quality items are now made in China. I am a Coach addict and I don't mind where my bags/accessories are made as long as the quality's good. I have zero tolerance for paying big money on poor craftsmanship and to tell you the truth, Coach has never let me down. Coach also has excellent customer service. If you're not satisfied with the quality of your purchase, I am sure arrangements can be made. Coach stands behind their products.