Made in China Tessuto Montagna Backpacks

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  1. Hi guys/gals,

    I think it's high time to start this thread and gather feedback for those who own Made in China Prada Backpacks. I have heard stories of Made In China Prada since years ago, and recently I fell in love with one Tessuto Montagna Nylon backpack from Ion Orchard (Singapore). Before I got it, I checked the inner seams and found the dreaded 'Made in China' label, but the store assistant assured me that they might have Italian artisans working in China factories (i'm not sure if it's true at all). I asked the store manager about the materials used, and he mentioned that they are 'definitely from Italy'.

    At that moment, I thought to myself, even Apple is made in China and the quality of their items are not really bad (other than their USB cables), so why not take the leap of faith? But after getting this backpack, I've been quite paranoid about the quality and was skeptical about it lasting as long as my Prada messenger bags. I did a check on the zippers and was shocked to realize that it was brandless, and looks like cheap plastic.But when zipping/unzipping it does feel somewhat buttery and not restrictive.

    Then again I remembered that Prada uses branded zippers (YKK, Lampo, Riri etc.). My messenger bags were of Lampo and YKK, so I'm wondering if they had cut corners on this bag?

    So, I'm posting this to gather info on whether anyone has been using such made in China Prada backpacks with zippers that are brandless, and how did your backpack fare. Best if you could share how long you have been using it and what are the problems that you have faced, other than the zippers if any.

    IMG_8975.PNG IMG_9058.jpg
  2. This is the Great Made in China Luxury Product Debate.

    Bursting everyone's bubble, there's no difference between made in China or Italy. Most of the arguments I hear boil down to the ethnicity of the person sewing the bags - shoppers want white Europeans to make their luxury products, not Asians. Ostensibly they are saying a white person should be paid more than an Asian.

    Reading up on COVID I came across some articles with possible contributing factor in the virus spreading quickly in Italy - the VERY HIGH NUMBER of Chinese workers in the Italian factories churning out the "Made in Italy" labels.

    Don't you find it strange the SA tries to calm shoppers' fears by assuring them white Italians are in the China factories??!!