Made Her Think necklace. opinions?


    seeing the way Kate Hudson layered this necklace made me fall in love with it. i know MHT is not usually known for plain and simple pieces like this, but what do you guys think? is it worth the 600+ it's going for? it's a nice everyday & layering piece. i've been looking for something like this, but wanted to know if you guys think it's worth it! TIA.

  2. It's very very sophisticated because it's so simple, yet elegant.

    But, for that price, I'd expect a little more out of the necklace...
  3. I like it but don't think it's worth the price.
  4. I think its pretty too, but a little overpriced.
  5. It sort of reminds me of a rosary. I don't know if the design is worth the $$$.........
  6. :tup: Couldn't have said it better!
    It's a lot of money for something so simple...
  7. Wow, that's expensive!
  8. thanks for your input, ladies. i guess i'll pass on this one!
  9. i like it. do you have a picture of kate hudson wearing it? It really depends if its worth it or not on how it looks on.