Made an offer, seller said thanks but it's been sold...

  1. I'm confused. I made an offer, I got a message from her that said thanks for your offer but the bag has been sold already. But now I saw that it's been relisted. And when I checked the offers made, I didn't see that there was an accepted offer. My offer didn't even say 'declined', it jut says 'expired'. This is the first auction that I had made an offer on, so I'm not 100% sure how it works, but I thought it was pretty self explanatory. I thought buyers makes offers, sellers accepts the highest offer, and the bag is sold. But in this case, I don't see that it's been sold. Any idea what's going on?
  2. Huh? :smile: Can I see the listing???
  3. Well that's odd...maybe the sale fell through?
  4. Either they accept, decline or it expires, which is what happened in your case. Perhaps they sold it off eBay? Is there any chance they have another one, & this is the one that is being offered again on eBay? Or you mention it is a relist? Do you have a link?
  5. More than likely they sold off of eBay, unless they did in fact relist. If this is the same bag, then they just didn't like your offer.
  6. That's just weird. I got from the first listing that there were 3 offers, two declined, one expired (or something like that)...and then she relisted the item with a BIN and 'make an offer' with no offers.
    I'm very confused that she said it's sold when it's been relisted. That can only mean a couple of things TO ME - one, maybe she messed up and thought you were referring to another bag she might be selling (if she is) OR she's selling duplicates? That's just weird.
    I would start off with confirming that you two are talking about the same bag.
    Phew - I'm pooped! I'm off to bed. I will check back in the a.m. to see if she responded to you! :sleepy:
  7. My offer was $850. Was that insulting? I hope not. I made it b/c I had saw another bowling bag that was selling for around that price. But it can't be b/c of that cause I saw that another buyer made an offer right after me, and she declined it right away and mine was still 'Pending'. Maybe she did think it was for another bag. I didn't think anything suscipious since I did have it authenticated at the Bbag subforum. OH wait, you know what, I just reread it and it said that "The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale. This item or one like it has been relisted" So maybe it is a different bag.
  8. Yeah I'm going with the duplicates thing. It's weird that she'd say it had been sold, then relist it again the exact same way.
    I'll be interested to hear what she says also because the offer the OP made wasn't that bad IMO. Again, this is weird.
  9. That's a little strange.
  10. I got a response from her today, so it clears it up a bit. She said the lady had issues w/ her paypal so she had to relist. Still a bit confused why she would sell outside of Ebay though. If she wanted to sell to this lady, why not let her make an offer, accept and then she would be the winner and therefore auction would end. But it seems she ended it herself to sell to this lady outside of Ebay. Now that it's relisted, I don't know if I want to make another offer.
  11. I think that if you want the bag bad enough, they're hard to come by, it's authentic and you're using eBay and paypal to cover yourself for any problems, you should make the offer and hopefully be accepted. Or just do the BIN and be done with it.
  12. The multiple relists would make me very nervous, personally.
  13. Normally a relist wouldn't make me nervous at all, but for this particular one, I'm just a bit puzzled as to why she would sell outside of Ebay if she had a BIN and Best offer option. There wouldn't be a reason to end the auction and sell outside of Ebay, would there?
  14. OH and I wanted to add that at the same time there was an auction for a Red City, and I chose to go w/ the Red Bowling but now it's gone =( b/c I was waiting for a reply for my offer for the bowling *sniff*