Made an Offer and Seller Closes the Listing

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  1. This has happened to me two times in the last few weeks on the same item. The buyer lists it and takes offers. I make an offer and the seller closes the listing. The seller said they had decided not to sell it. It is sortof aggravating. Anybody else had this happen on ebay? Just ranting :smile:
  2. Was your offer reasonable? :smile:
  3. Could be possible that another buyer contacted them with an offer outside of eBay and paid directly through Paypal. The seller gets around eBay's fees, ends the listing and sends the buyer an invoice. You're not supposed to be able to send and email address through eBay messages (for this exact reason) but it's very easy to do in code. I've had tons of buyer's contact me recently about selling outside eBay and paying by Paypal invoice. I don't sell this way but it's obvious that many do.
  4. This!

  5. Could be right, haven't thought of this. Thanks.

  6. Yes, I sell on eBay too and always like to make reasonable offers. I hate it when somebody makes a really low offer on a good item. 😄😄
  7. I think a seller would decline a lowball offer, not end the listing...but you never know. If the item was re-listed in a different style, I'd say that was probably the case. If it's not relisted though, it's probably been sold.
  8. Some sellers list their items on multiple sites, have brick and mortar stores, etc. and don't realize they have a listing for an item that isn't in stock until someone reminds them. You'd think they'd just tell you that it's no longer available if that was the case, though.

    If this is an inexperienced or small-time seller it could be that they just find answering questions and getting offers to be more tedious than they were expecting. Or maybe they aren't getting the interest they were expecting and really would rather just keep it than take a certain amount of loss. Sometimes I put items up for sale if I can't decide whether to keep them or not.
  9. Yes it happens, but it could be due to alot of reasons i.e. Not getting enough money for the product, change of mind etc. Don't worry too much about it!
  10. All of the above explanations make sense..&especially going outside of ebay
    to complete the transaction ( many sellers request this & buyers will comply & vice versa)

    Personally from my experience, eventually the item will turn up again
    at a price that works for the seller & buyer.. And usually it turns up when
    you least expect it..