made a special road trip today - pics!

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  1. Yep, it was back to Coach for me today. It's always hard for me to go because it's an hour away, but I just had this bug and I couldnt put it off! lol

    So anyways, I ended up getting the chelsea satchel in parchment, which is beautiful! so buttery soft and PERFECT sized! I had a hard time picking the color, because they also had it in mineral (for $50 more) but i figured i didn't have enough that would coordinate with that color too well.

    I bought the mineral leather skinny mini to go with the bag since the lining is mineral as well. LOVE that color! I also picked up some fobs and ordered the heart/key fob that just showed up on the website. Got the PCE discount on everything so YEAH!

    Oh yeah, my SA is SUPER nice. We always end up chatting forever when I go in, and today she handed me an application :smile: I am not looking for work, but it would be fun to work there part time, especially since handbags (and Coach) is one of my biggest passions!

    Anyways, on to the pics:
    This is the keychain I had to order, it should be here next week :smile:

    Here is the mineral leather skinny mini and a couple of keychains and charms I picked up. I already have the legacy tote charm, but wanted another to hang on to and maybe give to someone as a gift.

    This is just everything together :smile:

    And finally, here is the satchel by herself. This truly is the most beautiful bag! :heart: It is my first bag that is all leather!

    I really need to consider going on a ban... I sold my poppy gallery tote for $250 the other day, so I can justify this purchase... plus I had the gift cards from my previous exchange...

    Anyways... I am still waiting on my chocolate carly to arrive, it is supposed to be here on monday.
  2. Wow. Nice haul :tup:.
  3. Love it!!!!! Modeling pics?:graucho:
  4. You have the bag I love. Good choice.
  5. I love the satchel and am seriously considering it. Does it fit/look good on your shoulder?
  6. Nice haul. That satchel is so pretty!
  7. Great choice! The parchment is beautiful! I love it with the brown straps as contrast! Very, very pretty!
  8. Nice!
  9. Here's a couple modeling pics for you all ;)
    The first one is super blurry, sorry!

  10. wow you got some good stuff congrats!!
  11. Wow! Super cute on the shoulder. Thanks!!
  12. I Love:heart: it ALL!! :nuts: It looks awesome on you, Congrats!!....I love the new mineral color too!
  13. So beautiful, congrats!
  14. You're my hero! :heart:

    THAT is the exact bag I've been trying to talk myself out of for days!! There's even a thread from yesterday that someone started about also trying to resist the Chelsea Satchel. The only reason I've been able to stay strong is because I haven't seen the bag IRL and I couldn't picture it being worn....I wanted to be sure it could be used as a shoulder bag.

    Well now that I've seen it on you....forget it.....I'm ordering it while I can still get a good deal during the PCE!! Thank you so much for the pics!!!!!! :yahoo:
  15. Kristy the bag looks fab on you! I love all the Legacy wristlet hanging off it! What a great haul!