Made A Rookie Mistake! Help!!

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  1. So, I took a trip to Paris in May & fell in love with a perfume at Guerlain. Stupidly, I did not purchase it. When I checked around at the Guerlain counters in the states, they said it (the perfume I love) was only available at the Guerlain on the Champs-Elysees. I smacked myself very hard on the head - the perfume was, I believe, named Champs-Elysees! So, duh, ATG!

    Anyone have any thoughts on how I can get some of it from there to the US?
  2. Hurray! I may have to get a bottle of one of these and see if it's the right one! I really should have written it down or, you know, purchased the dang thing right there! I'm a fool!

    Cross your fingers for me!