Made a discovery I like the glitzy bags, but the clasics too, weird??

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  1. Since I've been carrying the Metallic Extra Large Brooke, I've discovered I like the glitzy bags. But I'm attracted to the classics like a beautifully designed satchel too. I guess my inlaid Maggie and the Inlaid Peyton are what I'd call subdued showstoppers. How about you. Does your taste run in all directions like that too?
  2. My tastes are like that too....I just bought the Ocelot Audrey on a whim, but I would never buy the Audrey in a classic color, to me would seem too blah. I also like Sabrinas and Maggies which are classic styles...but could never buy them in plain black or brown. The colors have to be bold and make a statement. I agree with what you said about the inlaid Maggie, a pattern like that or color such as Saffron for Maggie or say Magenta for Sabrina make the bag stand out more. Unless it is patent then even black or graphite patent will give the a classic style pizazz!
  3. ummm...yes!

    It's all about the bag and my mood. I can see myself using different things for different purposes!
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    I saw a pic of that Metallic Brooke on the 'bay and all I can say is WOW......that bag is a glitzy beauty!

    Ever since I went outlet crazy around the first of the year I've brought home a broad spectrum of styles, some of which I reckon would represent two or three completely different womens' tastes but I like them all. My challenge is editing my assortment so that I don't go bonkers buying too many fancy bags with limited carrying opportunities for me, nor too many basic bags that I feel uninspired to carry them. I'm also drawn to the subdued showstoppers!
  5. I don't think it's weird at all! I really like some very basic bags (black Parker hobo, walnut Hailey) and then I really love some of the way out there bags (oil slick,tattoo tote, anything with bright colors) and I really love anything that sparkles. I'm 46 years old and can't get enough glitz!
  6. I don't have any glitzy bags. Maybe someday.

  7. Yep I am shocked how much I love the Metallic Brooke, go figure! It was $239 at the outlet that ebay person wanted $500+. I am sooo happy I stumbled on it.

    I could have written the rest of your paragraph... outlet crazy, check! three different women's tastes, check! Drawn to the subdued showstoppers, check!

    Come on in oops join the party!!!
  8. I've recently joined the glitz bandwagon, too. First with the ocelot Audrey, and then the Peyton Inlaid tote in melon.
  9. I am 46, and like more glitz now than I did in my 20s. I like brighter colors, in both purses and clothes. I don't want to grow old!!!! I don't want to cut my hair short, and wear black or brown all the time. My bones are getting old, but I'm gonna fight old age!!! I have one black purse, my signature Carly, everything else is bright.

    I'll have a valentine reveal tomorrow, all GLITZ!!!! Can't unwrap till tomorrrow, I'll post pics in the evening after work.
  10. I have a wide array of bags that I like, but that's different from bags that I'll actually buy!!! I'm more of a classic to edgy type of gal, instead of glitzy!!!

    I can see where all the different styles would have a place in your life though!!!