made a decision..

  1. i love my med. carly!! honest i do, but i have come to realize that she is not big enough...although i stated that she was. i am going to exchange her for the lrg. i hope to be able to do that tonight if i feel up to. it's kinda sad, yet i am excited...
  2. yay! i find larger bags to be a lot more convenient and comfortable too
  3. I think you are making a good decision! I prefer the large carly over the medium:tup:
  4. yay! I am glad you have decided what is best for YOU. :yes: Be sure and post pics and modeling pics when you get her!!! ;)
  5. I am going to be getting a large Carly during the next PCE. Most def a good choice. Because you could always fill it with more if you need to but the medium you can't.
  6. i love big bags!
  7. Good for you. You won't be disappointed w/ the Lg. Carly....she's an amazing bag!!!! I did the same thing---got a Med. Choc. Sig. Carly at first, gave that one to my lil sis, and bought the Lg. Choc. Sig. Carly....and it was love! Congrats!!
  8. Me too!:yes:
  9. Make sure you post pics.:smile: Will you be getting the signature or the leather?
  10. Wow, I can't imagine what you carry that you can't fit in a medium. I got the medium for Christmas and it still seems so huge to me.
  11. Wise decision!
  12. Great decision! I can't wait to see it when you get it!
  13. Large is such a perfect size, you will love it.
  14. Good choice! Post pics when you get it!
  15. I have the small Carly and would die for a large one! I just travelled last week and needed a large bag; the large Carly would have been great!