Made a Decision & tPF was down last night!!

  1. So, since I didn't get to check out any handbags on Saturday while shopping with my Mom. I posted a thread here asking for opinions about hardware
    So my DD and I went to take a look on Sunday. I found exactly what I was looking for!!!!!! :yahoo: I couldn't believe it. I thought Macys had them, but couldn't remember if I only saw the small/medium or the large. Well, they had the large and I brought her home!!! Then, I took pictures and was already to share my excitement and tPF was down for maintenance last night!!!
    Thanks for eveyone's opinions in the other thread and helping me decide!
    I brought home a large black leather Hamilton with GOLD hardware!!!! She is just to die for! The leather is soft (not as stiff as my luggage Hamilton) and absolutely lovely. I immediately came home, took the tags off and got her ready for her first trip out of the house today. I'm really loving this bag!!! Thanks for sharing my excitement!
  2. very nice! Congrats!!!
  3. Thank you! I haven't been this excited about a bag in a long time. I mean, I love my bags, but this one is making my heart swoon!!!:love:
  4. Ahhhh! Beautiful! That's the Hamilton I want but I can only find black with silver hardware. :sad:
  5. Macys at Somerset in Troy, MI has them with gold hardware (trying to enable you here!). :smile:
  6. OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! She is a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!! The gold lock: :love: is just gorgeous!!!!!!! I'm so happy that you are so happy - AWESOMENESS!!!!

    Makes me super excited to pick up my navy with gold hardware - the gold hardware is just soooooooooooo rich looking!!!


    So happy for ya!!
  7. crissy11: Thank you!! I sure hope your hotel has wifi when you're there. I want to see ALL the things you get!!!
  8. Sooo classic! I love it, congrats!
  9. Oh wow, I am SOOO happy you got the bag :smile: We are bag twins now!!!

    I was thinking about getting you some pics tonight but I am glad you were able to check it out in person anyways!!

    I find it to be a really good chic bag and I always find myself wearing mine with straight/bootcut jeans, pointy booties, a blazer, big scarf, and michael kors watch. lol
  10. Very nice!
  11. Gold hardware looks so slick with black leather, congratulations!!
  12. Yay! Congrats! My nanny has this one too. Sadly I returned my E/W medium one with silver HW cuz the leather was too stiff IMO.

    Macy's in the Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City, NY has plenty of these too. Those of you looking for it can call for a charge-send. ;)
  13. very nice!
  14. Nice!! Congrats!!!
  15. The leather looks so squishy and soft! It's a wonderful looking bag! Enjoy! :smile: