Made a decision, I think...and not what I thought!

  1. So I've been going back and forth on the whole large Veneta vs. Sloane issue....and had pretty much made up my mind to go with a Veneta.

    I was also wavering between Nero and Ebano because I wanted something versatile....and had pretty much made up my mind to go with Nero.

    I pondered just driving to the boutique this weekend to get it, but I figured I'd do some hunting to see if I could save a little cash. I went to my Bloomie's on Saturday hoping they had one, since they were giving 20% off anything if you opened a charge, but they only had the maxi in Nero. I went to two TJ Maxx's on a whim (the 2 near me have Runway sections and have BV on occasion). Then I went looking around online to see if I could come up with one in great condition...Ann's, Yoogi's, Malleries...

    :faint::faint: :faint: I SAW AN OTTONE SLOANE :love::love::love:

    Malleries HAD one (it's already been sold). I THINK I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!!

    I looked around, but couldn't find another currently for sale....will this be an impossible task?? :confused1:
  2. ahhh ottone !!!!
    the quest!!!
    I wish you good luck
    BV can no longer can source the material for ottone
    Ottone was both a skin and a color
    when you see it next time grab it!!!!!
  3. Ottone was a winner, that's for sure and they are rare, but do become available occasionally. Good luck!

    BTW, I'm a dummy because I had an Ottone large flap cosmetic bag/clutch and sold it years ago.
  4. I went to sleep and woke up thinking about an ottone Sloane!!! :roflmfao:

    And now I have a few questions for folks who might own pieces in ottone--

    1) From the pictures I've seen, it looks like it's pretty understated for a this accurate (I dislike really "in your face" metallics)? It also seems like it would be a really versatile, year-round you think this is true?

    2) I think, from what I've read, that the ottone bags were made with chevre...not this correct? If so, is there an appreciable difference in how these bags feel compared to nappa?

    3) How durable is ottone? Especially with regard to wear/scuffing?

    Thanks in advance!! :biggrin:
  5. My answers are based on my having an ottone Sloane in my hands, and very tempted to buy. I ended up passing on it (I know, I'm rather in the minority regarding the ottone Sloane...).

    1) I think ottone possibly could be a year-round color, but for myself, I saw it as a three-season color (I could see early fall, but not winter). This might be because of my strong personal coloring; I have very dark hair and eyes and medium skin, and I tend to choose bags with a lot more color contrast. A fairer-haired person might have a different opinion.

    As for whether the metallic is understated, I know mine is not a popular opinion, but I would describe it as glam-looking because it shimmers like sand. It's gorgeous, but it's not understated enough for me (although the effect isn't as obvious indoors). I think the combination of the glimmering gold and the very sumptuous shape was too much for me--I confess that I probably would have succumbed to buy ottone in a more streamlined shape, such as the Cabat or Veneta. As a point of comparison, I really enjoy my Barcelona Cabat, which IS an obvious metallic and might be in-your-face to some. But it's altogether a different vibe because it has antiquing and more of a vintage appearance than the shiny, shimmery ottone.

    2) Ottone was chevre, correct. It has a grainier texture and is slightly thicker than nappa, and it's not quite as supple when new.

    3) I have a long key lariat in ottone, and it has held up well--but then again, I don't really handle it very much. The chevre itself will be durable. I'd suspect the metallic finish would probably be as durable as any other metallic finish (it looks like it's applied on top). The color probably would show dirt and wear as much as any other color in the mid-tan range. Wear would probably depend on how often you carry it--just like any other bag.

    That said, I think it would be difficult to find an ottone Sloane these days. It was a seasonal color about 4 years ago, and I think those who have them tend to hold onto them. I can certainly understand why it was a coveted choice for many. Good luck!
  6. I only have a moment, blueiris, and I want to thank you and respond to you in more detail lafter I get home tonight...BUT WAIT JUST A MINUTE....are you saying there was an ottone Veneta!?!?!?!?

    I might actually want that more.....:shocked:
  7. No, that's not really what I'm saying--I just used it as an example. The ottone Veneta was approved for individual special orders several years ago, before BV changed the rules for special orders (from what I know, it's now a lot more difficult because a special order must be made at least partially from an exotic skin (ostrich, reptile)). The few ottone Venetas that exist were not made in regular production, and I suspect there are only a handful of them, if that. Because their owners paid a premium and waited for months to a year just to have them made, I really doubt they would ever become available.
  8. There is a thread here somewhere about durability of the metallics, I think. I had an Ottone Sloane and as much as I wanted to love it, I just did not. It was too bulky to carry on my shoulder. Right after I bought it I saw an Ottone old Pyramid and wish I had gotten it instead. I think the new Pyramid was made in Ottone, too. The color is very muted glittering sand. I also saw a large Veneta in Ottone carried by a fellow TPF'r and it looked gorgeous on her. Good luck with your search...they do come around once in awhile.
  9. PsyDocJoanne - I'm reading all the posts above and it sounded like you really had your heart set on a Veneta -- so I say, trust your gut and go for that style. Yes, Ottone is lovely and will be almost impossible to find (BV has discontinued it) unless you stumble upon some in the pre-owned market.

    I have both bag styles and I find that I use the Veneta more than the Sloane. It's just a more lightweight, comfortable and functional style overall. There are so many ways to compare both styles (and you can do a search on the forum for previous posts) but the clincher in my opinion is the shoulder hang as well as accessibility to your stuff inside the bag. The Sloane has a much shorter handle so the way it hangs on you when worn as a shoulder bag isn't exactly the most comfortable IMO. You can however just hold it with your hand or use the crook of your elbow to carry it but from experience, most people who consider these 2 styles have every intention of using it primarily as a shoulder bag which then makes the Veneta the winner for me. FYI, I own 6 Venetas and only 1 Sloane which I rarely use.

    I also have an Ottone Mini Cabat and an Ottone wallet. On color/mutedness... Folks above have used the analogy of "glittering sand". Another analogy I would use is pale champagne. On leather type... yes, it was done in chevre (goatskin). As stated above, it is grainier and more textured than the soft, buttery nappa (lambskin). It won't slouch like the latter but it's not stiff either. What's good about it is it is quite hardy. You will barely notice any scratches because the leather itself already has all those grains. I don't baby my bags and I've found that Ottone has held up well over time. Some of the glittery gold grains become fairly muted over time but it still retains a lustre making it unmistakably mettalic despite the eventual wear and tear.

    I reposted some of my older pictures below. Good luck on your decision!

    Below is Ottone on a sunny afternoon in NYC. You'll see that it's not a super-blingy or "in-your-face" mettalic


    Other pictures to show you the texture...



  10. chevre is goat skin
    ottone was both a color ottone
    and a skin - goat
    I personally do not like the sloan
    the drop is not big enough and the bag itself is very boxy at the bottom I know that it drapes nicely but I don't like the flap closing
  11. Thank you to everyone who has chimed in on this thread and given me an education on ottone!! :biggrin:

    I guess I'm in a bit of a quandry. Having tried both the Veneta and the Sloane, I concur--the Veneta is more comfortable and not so bulky. The Sloane (especially in ottone) for me is much more visually appealing.

    And in really thinking about what I want, I guess I'm also torn color-wise. The nero veneta is a very safe choice for me--practical since it will hide dirt and wear, and versatile. Most of my expensive bags (other than LV) are black for these same reasons.

    But I also feel like the ottone--and some other colors--really make these bags pop and highlight the workmaship of the intrecciato much more....but are more susceptible to dirt, wear, and are not as versatile.

    I'm now pondering the idea of a compromise of sorts...the comfort and practicality of the veneta, in a color other than nero.

    *sigh*...I really don't know....if I could by one of these bags every few months, or even a few a year, I wouldn't be agonizing so much...but this will probably be my only purchase of this magnitude this year.

    Thanks for putting up with all of my indicision and advice-seeking---I don't know WHAT I'd be doing without the ladies on this forum!!