Made a Custom Goyard!

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  1. So my DH carries this hideous little shoulder thingie from REI--and I HATE IT! He REALLY liked my Fidji Hobo from Goyard--so I went down to the store in SF (to see Deborah--she ROCKS!), Anyhoo--I looked around and they didn't really have anything that would work for him--they have a great messenger type bag (I forget what it's called) but, that was WAY to big for depair, I played around for bags for me (the Saigon bag in Navy is TO DIE FOR!) and then I saw the perfect little thing; The Yona Dinner bag (in Red). Technically this is a ladies bag but, I personally, think is uni-sex. The one problem was that the strap wouldn't fit across the chest. So I asked Deborah is she had any other straps I could try. Skeptical, she let me fool around with one of their Luggage Shoulder Straps in the matching color.

    And Presto! A new bag was born! It looked PERFECT! Not too big and would hold all his boy-stuff (his HUGE wallet, and business card holder...not to menion the cellphone!) but, it would fit him comfortably across the shoulder! AWESOME!

    So, I walked into Goyard and customized my sweetie a bag...right there! They Rogelio Ortega (the Boutique Director) was there as well thought the bag was pretty cool (Rogelio tried it on and said he'd recommend it to folks too!--If I said it was okay...since I invented it:supacool: Natch, I said "UH YEAH!"

    So, if you're in SF and in the market, swing by and ask 'em about it!!

    Ha-ha! This just made my whole CHRISTMAS! I had more fun playing in there than he'll ever have with the bag!

    He's here now (in another part of the house) but, maybe tomorrow I can snap a pic and post it!)
  2. That's so cool! They should name it after you! :nuts:
  3. That would be HILARIOUS! My hunny said he was feeling sick and might stay home tomorrow but, I was like "NO! Go to work!"

    I wanna' post that pic!
  4. haha thats awesome!! LOL congrats!
  5. Whoa neat-o! Pics!
  6. LOL cant wait to see photos!
  7. they should definitely name the bag after you! haha!
  8. I totally agree! I think I'll call up Rogelio at the Boutique and tell him so:yes:

    My hunny is still here...lingering and taking his time to get to the office. I'm nudging him gently so I can bust open his bag and show ya!
  9. Wow, thats so cool. Can't wait to see pics.
  10. That's so funny!! I was just checking out their bags online too!!
    Can't wait to see the pics.
  11. <a href="" title="Photo Sharing"><img src="" width="240" height="160" alt="bag bag" /></a>

    Image test of the Goyard bag....if this works, I'll post more...If NOT...I'll try something else.
  12. Okay, that didn't work!
  13. [​IMG]

    Here'st the carrier bag!
  14. [​IMG]
    The box!

    The pristine wrapping!

    The creamy center!
  15. Yay! This is working! I'll post pics of the ACTUAL bag now!
    Here's the bag. It's a red Yona bag with a luggage shoulder strap.

    A medium range shot of the bag.

    A close up of the way the luggage strap is "attached". My hunny will love it! I'll ask him if he wants it personalized later.

    I hope you guys all like it!