Made a bad purchase on a Gucci bag

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  1. I just need to vent. I made a bad purchase on a Gucci hobo bag from Upon arrival, the bag appeared to be "used". The cotton canvas was snagged near the piping and the zipper clasp was missing only to find the missing clasp inside the gucci cover sash. I emailed a complaint. There appears to be a re-stocking fee that I don't think I should be responsible for paying. Ugh!!! :mad:
  2. You definitely should NOT be responsible if it was their error, or if they sent you unacceptable merchandise. Contact your credit card company and see if they can do anything for you if the company refuses to.
  3. Thanks. I'll wait and see if they write me back. I can contact them directly as well. I hope they will be considerate enough to waive the re-stocking fee.
  4. You know that happened to me once when I ordered a bag from Saks - the bag was dirty and the stitching was coming ondone. Saks is known for their fabulous customer service and when I called them and told them I wasn't going to pay to ship the bag back, they sent Fedex to my door to pick the bag up and paid for shipping.

    If this company cares at all about their customer service they won't charge you a restocking fee for an inferior return. If they do, make sure you tell them that you are going to report them to the Better Business Bureau.
  5. I'm really surprised to hear this. Did you order the bag from the "Vintage" section? I never ordered from Vintage, but whether it was Vintage or not, torn with a broken clap is unacceptable.

    I'm assuming you have not yet heard back from them. I've been a customer of their's for a couple of years now, and have always found their customer service accommodating. The best way to reach them is by email (if you call it will say that on the message). They will respond to you and soon. Your email will either come from Anna or Monica. Don't know what you wrote to them, but I'm sure you will receive a fair response. They are very self conscious about their image.

    If you are not satisfied with their response, feel free to PM me. I know the "right buttons to press" in a counter response. But I believe they will provide the response you want.

  6. They have a link to BBB under the customer care section.
  7. Does sell authentic bags? Besides the famous websites such as bergdorfgoodman, Saks, elux, etc... Whats another discount auth. bag site?
  8. efashionstore has a rep of selling faux bags. Do a google search on them and browse around some.
  9. Don't know if you are speaking from your own personal experience, but I can. I've purchased several authentic handbags from them over the past couple years, (fendi, prada, lulu guinness, kate spade to name a few). They have several sections, including a faux/replica section, and it is advertisied as such.

    If you go to their customer care section they have a direct link to the BBB, so you can check out their status, complaints, etc. The BBB report would disclose if any complaint was about authenticity.
  10. I guess you pay a price (the price of doubt) when it comes to discount online stores. :smile:
  11. It would make me nervous buying from a place that sells both authentic and copies. It seems to me that most places that sell authentic are so adament about keeping the market clean that they are horrified by copies.

    Of course, I buy from eBay and that's a whole other can of worms. But if its an established business, I'd like to know without question whether their stuff is authentic or not -- I'd rather not have to check what section I am shopping in.

    Bergdorf's -- Authentic
    Guy selling on the street in front of Bergdorf's -- Copy

  12. ^^^yeah, I'd rather not worry about a fake section as well.
  13. :biggrin: LOL, I think you guys have mixed up the two online stores, i.e. efashionhouse or efashionstore. I do not have experience with either one but went in for a look and was almost tempted. I found out that these are 2 separate stores. So Vlad is right, I think efashionstore looks like they are selling "less" authentic (don't dare to say they are imitations since can't verify authenticity officially) stuffs. They seem to have all colours and all style with more than less of half price. Where as in efashionhouse, they seem to have very limited choices and models for authentic stuffs.

    Does it make sense? Go into the 2 different websites and have a look.

  14. How funny is that! :oh: :P That's what I get for being online and jumping in with my 2 cents at 1:30 in the morning! :blink: Thanks for pointing that out!

    And that is correct about efashionhouse... they don't have the "it" bags. They do have alot of the "standard" prada's, gucci's and fendi's.
    I've always been happy with the bags I bought from them, and once you become a returning customer, they send you coupons,etc.

    They also sell stuff other than handbags. I've only purchased bags from them, but I've checked out belts and scarfs (not high on my list of "gotta have it").

  15. also known as luxuryvintage sells authentic items and they are very often confused with efashionstore which I do believe sells fakes. I've bought from efashionhouse and have been very pleased with their service. Another place to try but it's mainly Louis Vuitton, but she does have other designers on occassion and that is