Maddy shimmer suede

  1. Hi does anyone have this bag? I would like to find out how difficult it is to maintain, IM loving it but i dont know if its going to be a hassle keeping it clean..What do you guys reckon?? Should i get it despite it being high maintenance?Thanks for the opinions..:tup::nuts:

    heres the link from Saks website

  2. I have this bag in bronze metallic. It is not suede tho. The metallic has rubbed off slightly in places like the handle on mine. I still love it and would buy again although I did get it on sale.
    The suede may not have this problem. At any rate that is a gorgeous bag!!!!
  3. That is a gorgeous bag. I have seen it at our local Nordstroms. The shimmer champagne is droolworthy. At one time I strongly considered the Mave clutch for a black tie event. But, I just know I will get it dirty...within the first 10 minutes. The coarse metallic suede does rub off a little. I had a Riki in the bronze metallic suede that I ended up returning because ever molecule of fuzz between here and New York would stick to it. Sorry for the conflicted opinion. It is incredible beautiful, but not a good choice for me.
  4. I have the Mave clutch in shimmer suede and I can't wear it with anything that might bleed, like denim. On the other hand, I love the color. So, I solved my problem by getting an electric blue liquid patent to wear with clothes that might bleed color. :yes:
  5. very pretty bag, but my friend that bought it only used it twice and it shows alot of usage?