Maddox turns 6!!

  1. [​IMG] Life & Style
    Inside Brad & Angelina's Birthday Party For Maddox

    LOS ANGELES, Calif. (August 7, 2007) – Slip N' Slides. Army games. ATV rides.
    Just your average six-year-old's birthday party, except the birthday boy has some very special parents.
    Brad and Angelina's oldest son Maddox turned six on Sunday and mom and dad blocked off the entire weekend for a surprise celebration at their Santa Barbara home.
    Photos featured inside the new edition of Life & Style magazine (on newsstands Friday) show daddy Brad in military-chic leading Maddox and his friends in a game of capture the flag and even Angie and Zahara got into the camouflage spirit!

    Maddox's siblings Shiloh, Pax and Zahara were at the party, but mostly hung out with mom as Brad kept the kids busy.

    And clearly, Brad and Angelina have a biker-in-the-making on their hands, as Maddox zoomed around on an ATV. Luckily, he will have lots of practice time as the proud parents got their daredevil in training a new dirt bike, leather jacket and helmet – just like his daddy!
  2. He is so cute!!! Happy BDay to him!
  3. Aw happy birthday to the big boy, he is so adorable!
  4. wow... already 6 years old! these kids are growing up so fast... love this family, they are so adorable!
  5. How cute, I bet he had a great party!!
  6. He's cute. And incredibly lucky.
  7. How cute!! Happy birthday to him!
  8. Such a cute kid!
  9. I love Maddox, DH is korean so I can't wait to have a little asian baby.. they are so cuuute
  10. I read in perez hilton about the pics Life&Style featured in their magazine of maddox's 6th bday party and how she was enraged over it b/c she supposedly a control freak about these thingss. I don't understand how shes upset over the pics. IM looking at Life&Style right now and there is nothing bad about them. I think she just wants to control pic releases so she keep her and brad's crumbling relationship out of the media. c it for urself. wut do you think?>
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  11. hmm interesting...why is everyone (I mean the gossip mags are insisting that her and brad's relationship is unraveling?
  12. Some like to tear people down because it makes them feel better!
  13. Life&Style magazine is one of the gossip magazine that always report that they are breaking up just to sell their magazine, then now they posted some unauthorized pictures of them having a great time. I guess whatever sell, they'll change their stories.:tdown:
  14. i think he is so cute and always seems in his pics to be a really happy kid. happy b-day Mad.