Maddox : I Dont Think What They Have Done To Him Is Cute !!!

  1. [​IMG] Maddox Jolie-Pitt was spotted in India today sporting a chic new mohawk accented with blonde highlights and a ponytail.

    What do You think ?
  2. LOL- Umm yeah it's not attractive to me however he might like it and I think it's cool that they let him express himself!
  3. ^I agree ... it doesn't look nice at all! I wonder if Brad Pitt will sporting a similar haircut! LOL
  4. Nope :/ not nice at all.
  5. Um . . . . it's a look.

    (At least his hair is boy-length! *cough*Ryder!*cough*)
  6. Aw. He's way too cute to do that to his hair. He has such an adorable face and beautiful color skin. I'd love to see him with a side-part hair cut. He's adorable.
  7. I think it's fake.
  8. Maddox Gets a Little Tail

    Posted Nov 17th 2006 12:37PM by TMZ Staff
    Filed under: Paparazzi Photo, Kids, Brad and Angelina

    Angelina isn't the only babe causing a stir in India. Maddox, 5, is soaking up the local flavor, and brought his own set of paparazzi along for the journey. The big brother was spotted sporting a new mohawk, featuring blonde highlights and a ponytail. He was also seen wearing some paint on his face and stomach.
  9. owwww!!:wtf: i dont like:confused1: :Push: :yucky:
  10. ofcourse it is:yes: but it's not good:yucky:
  11. fake or not, he still looks like he has had bleach or colour put on his poor little head.
    Not a smart move IMO
  12. I think it looks silly too but agree that it's great to allow him to express himself like that!!
  13. oh my, i definately don't like his hair...
  14. I think it's cute as long as he likes it. If he didn't want it then it's not very nice.
  15. :nuts:I like it but then again I'm weird like that. I let my 12 year old express herself. She is in this chain and skull phaze now:shrugs:
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