Madder red?

  1. So I'm flicking through the Le Monde, and there are a dozen leather items listed as "Madder Red" this a new red??

    if so, it's HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. K, scan pls!!! Or pls describe.. how does it compare to rouge vif - more/less blue, more/less orange.. ??? You know I love red. C'mon now!:nuts:
  3. K, do you know we have not received a copy yet?
  4. OK...not as BRIGHT as vif, it's looks like a dark blood red (but nothing like rouge H)........they have lots of items in togo, clamence, box, chamonix etc in what they say is MADDER RED, so I'm assuming it's a new colour? Maybe SP can help?

    Looks a little like Garance, but BLOODIER!!!
  5. OOOH, me likes the sounds of that!!!
  6. poo - ok, late here...but I'll scan a pic......give me a few minutes......
  7. I don't have the Le Monde in front of me right now but IIRC (I have the German edition) they call it 'oxbloodred'...
  8. Hey K, don't hassle tonite. Just do it whenever you have a bit of time. Man, these ppl here are so demanding.. :angel::whistle::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. If this is a new red - I LOVE IT........The Birkin Ban may have to be over temporarily........
  10. there is a "spicy" red listed, too......I'm scanning another pic, a Bolide 27 - Madder Red, Epsom.......
  11. Thanks so much for the pic!

    I love it! Look at that Ulyssee with the carmencita! I WANT! Hey K, now you can prolly get that agenda you wanted in this colour instead, and me my Bearn!
  12. yummy.....
  13. absolutely!!! I MUST get a carmencita!!!!!! Sue - this can be our new red!!

    If you don't get your Le Monde soon (SA said there was a new one coming after this one??????), I'll get our friend to pop one in the mail to you - let me know.
  14. The Plume in alligator is called "Ember" - apt description.
  15. Yeah! It's worked out well!:yahoo: Thank goodness I've been waiting. Now I'll just let my SA know I want this red! Bearn, carmencita, Ulyssee... Yup. I've got my "list" for this colour, lol! Do you know if it comes in Chevre mysore?