Madame Claude in Wine Suede

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  1. Hello Ladies!

    I was at Nordstrom's today with my SO and saw the Madame Claude style in a beautiful wine colored suede. I never that that I needed to have MC until I saw this color. For some reason, wine and burgandy color CL shoes make my heart flutter !! :love:

    Have any of you seen the MC in wine suede any where else? I was hoping to save money as I will be going to London in 2 months, but these shoes are tdf in wine suede IMO. Since I was with my SO (he hates dept stores), I did not have a chance to ask any SA about the shoes, but I have not seen this material anywhere else...

  2. I've only seen them at Nordies too ... but you could try e-mailing the London Boutiques.

    Arn't they gorgeous?!?!?!?
  3. Yes!! They are too beautiful - I am trying to practice restraint, but I think I may end up getting them.
  4. I'm hoping they will make it to sales eventually .... Fingers crossed!
  5. Those sound amazing!!! How I wish a Nordy's near me would carry CLs.....ugh.
  6. The Nordstrom's near where I live is the 1st that I have known to carry CL and other really high end shoe designers. They only have one pair in my size left. None of the CL boutiques in the US even make the MC style in suede.

    Also, the SA said these will not be going on sale any time soon - not for two years she said!!
  7. well i will wait two years ... or untill the spring sales ;)
  8. you are right; I should wait too.....though I have been thinking about them all day long...

    I should probably save my money for London, though I probably won't be able to afford anything when I get there :sad: The exchange rate will be terrible !!!
  9. I would LOVE to see these in person!! I love the MC!!

    I wish my Nordies carried CL.
  10. I tried to take a spy pic when I tried them on but the SA was around me like a frickin bumble bee!!
  11. I think the SA was just saying two years so you would buy them. They generally don't find out what us on sale until right before they begin.

    That being said, I would love to see them! I am sure they are gorgeous.
  12. Someone please get a picture! They sound like they're TDF :heart:
  13. So there's a possiblity that they may go on sale soon?!?!?!?!! :graucho: Sighhh, a dream come true!
  14. They'll probably go on sale the next round of sales ... fall. That isn't "soon" though
  15. Wine MCs are gorgeous IRL.