Mad props to gucci's revamped shipping system! :)

  1. So i ussallllllly would get mad because my gucci scarf came a day late but im just so happy they FINNALLY revamped the shipping system! or maybe i just was not recieveing it in the past but now they have a tracking update thing on their website and my fav part they send you an email saying it was delivered (you know just in case it was and it was swiped, at least u now know!)

    so madddddd props! :smile:

    btw i LOVE my new scarf it looks really really reaaaaaalllllllllllllllly cute on my horsebit hobo! :smile: so excited to use it tommrow
  2. Congrats! I should dress up my bags with cute things like that too.

    Finally their website / customer service online is getting some progress. Their website is slow, looks good but just too slow!
  3. Aww congrats!!! Are you gonna be here tomorrow? I think you should get shoes and a bag! LOL
  4. Congrats! Would love to see some photos as well if possible... and regular updates. ;)
  5. uh excuse me..WHERE are the pictures? kidding:smile:
  6. :graucho::happydance:pics pics pics:woohoo:!
  7. ru back from shopping yet???? Hurry up so I can see whatcha got!
  8. hehe you guys are gonna kill mom forgot the camera uploader to the laptop thing a ma bob!!! hehe so i took pics of ALL the stuff i bought and umm urrr uhhhh you guys are gonna have to wait hehe!!!

    but from gucci lets just say i bought two things for the scarf that btw EVERYONE at gucci (and almost every other store for that matter) complimented me on!!! AND i bought my bro a lil sumthin sumthin

    and btw i LOVE the dallas store...i guess i worked with the stores supervisor or something and he was AWESOME he was sooo sweet and when he found out im from oklahoma he encouraged next time i come in i just call and he'll make sure to pull aside certain items and order special stuff from other stores, JUST for me!! i felt so special :smile: :smile: :smile:!!! got me some yummy water in a champaine glass and everything haha yeah i dont drink in front of the mom so i was like um uhhh ill have some water hahahahaaha

    but yeah SO much to talk about and just a peak into what i got...i shopped at Gucci (of course), LV, tiffanys, Saks, Nordies, coach, and armani exchange, zara ;) not toooooooooo much stuff and just one bag :smile: hehe

    btw dallas girls we MUST to a tpf meet SOON! :smile:
  9. OMG!!! I can't believe you! I sure hope you go the GG crystal shoes and bag!!! I can't wait to see all you goodies!
  10. I'm glad you had good service from that store, I avoid it because I can't stand any of the SA's in there, especially the guy (only seen one I think). The manager I thought was a woman, the guy used to work at Versace before and then switched. Well anyway, the point is they treated you good so I'm happy for you. I would have loved to go shopping with you (yes there should definately be a tpf meet for Dallas) but forgot to contact you about I was a little busy since I just moved OUT of Dallas to the burbs (still only 15-30 mins away). SHOW ME THE PICS. lol.:sweatdrop:
  11. ^^ I agree that some of the SA's in there are sucky but teresa is my all time favorite and actually I LOVE Tiffany she used to work in Tiffany's downstairs and now works in gucci! I love love love her!
  12. i dont know who he was, but at the end he told me to call him whenever im about to come in so he can prepare and he was like he can always order stuff from other stores to look at....and he dropped his title "the supervisor" quite a few times hehe....he was AWESOME

    in his thirties, married and not to bad to look at hehe :smile:

    i think i dealed with the manager last time, she was sweet too! i am just way impressed with most stores in dallas!!! the only store that PISSES me off with HORRIBLE service is coach! haha how sad!
  13. you know what was really nice? everyone was super sweet even though i was "messy" guys will NOT believe what happened to me! So i have this addias bright red sporty dress thingy that i LOVE its like an off the shoulders retro dress made out of basketball shorts material and this huge addias symbol on the back and its short so i wear it with tights right....and i was spraying some perfume on and it left a mark so i went to clean it and guess what! my front was all wet so i went to use the blow dryer and bam...i burnt it!!! i now have two holes in it and im about to go to the galleria and i have nothing else to wear!!! so i had to walk around with two tiny holes in the middle of my boobies! i thought i would be shunned but people were still sweet...i felt like everything was good in the world haha im so lame!
  14. wish I was there :roflmfao:!

    now you know what to do to get some service:graucho:!
  15. Alright... I am burning holes in my tops right now!!! :nuts:

    Kidding not really... :roflmfao: