Mad over Hermes

  1. I got this H wallet over half year ago when one day I was feeling very frustrated that I was not able to get my hands on any kelly or birkin bag. but I was mad over H goodies, and have been longing to have an H wallet over the longest time.

    I saw the bearn in exotic and couldn't resist to buy it. It costs me my entire paycheck though and some more (sigh). And to date I still have not used the wallet :p

    My matte crocodile bearn compact:


    Does anyone know what this color is called? Is it chevre?
  2. There should be a tag somewhere in the compartments to let you know of the colour (my S.A.s get a little creative when they tell me what colour they think it is, so I don't mind checking when I get home to make sure we were all on the same page :roflmfao:)

    Chevre is actually "goat" or more to the point, goatskin. Your lovely Bearn is croc! An exotic! And quite lovely.

    On my monitor, it looks Havanne... a lovely shade of brown. A perfect earthtone, so wearable! Congratulations on a great wallet!! :woohoo:
  3. It's beautiful!:love::love::love:
  4. It's Gorgeous....Dream Wallet!!!!!!!
  5. It's beautiful, Hanako. H croc wallets are beautiful but pricy. To get your money's worth, you really need to use it everyday. Take this baby out tomorrow.
  6. use that gorgeous bearn! It's beautiful!
  7. Absolutely gorgeous, Hanako!!
  8. thank you.

    *smacks head* i didnt know chevre means goatskin. i saw the description "chevrevr" on the invoice. The SA has taken away the little tag - the compartments are clean from any bits of paper.

    The color is indeed dark brown. I chose this over black as I thought black was too solid a color.

    i can't wait to use it. :smile:
  9. Your compact bearn really is scrumptious... love the croc!!
  10. Gorgeous wallet! Use that baby!
  11. Fantastic wallet!!! Love the color, love the croc!!!
  12. That is very gorgeous! I think exotics shine very well in small accessoires.
  13. Yes I agree to take her out tomorrow. Gorgeous!! I think it is havanne matte croc. :smile:
  14. Oh good LORD!!!! Take out that beauty and USE it!!!!!! It's STUNNING!!!!
  15. It's gorgeous!:heart: I want one too!