Mad over hard to find epi colours!

  1. I ADORE the epi line. But I the thing I like te most is discontinued epi colours. I have a 30 speedy in fawn and I want more more more!

    The thing I really want to locate now is something from the yellow epi line (with the purple lining! unbelievably cool contrast!). An agenda probably, but I would love a speedy.
    I'm also looking for a vanilla piece and a lilac piece. Does anyone have any info?
    I read the thread on the epi colours and it got me so exited, epi is such a cool and original line!

    Everything I looked at on ebay was either marked up or wasnt reassuring. I don't want to be conned!
  2. Dontcha hate it when these colors become appealing to us when they are already discontinued. Why cant we be attracted to them when they were available in the stores? :wacko:

    The same thing happened to me with the CB line. I cannot get them when they were in the stores, so I took the ebay/private way and purchased mine above retail prices..
  3. If I'm remembering correctly, I think someone was trying to sell a lilac bag in the Marketplace.
  4. Oh believe me, I know what you mean. I have been looking for Epi Speedys in Lilac and Vanilla.

  5. Ohh?!?! Where?!?! I WANT it!

    Yup, I love exclusivity.I loved everything when they were out but now when they are discontinued is the time when I can afford them!
    But honestly I have seen people carrying the regular colours here in london often. The older colours I havent. This is why I don't carry monogram bags anymore.
  6. I feel your pain! I'm in LOVE with pepper epi!!!!! I have a Petit Noe and an Elastique wallet in it. It's such an unusual color. Good luck with your hunt.
  7. I adore the lilac epi, it's such a nice colour ! I've been searching and searching for a rochelle too, boo to discontinued styles as well !

  8. OMG !
    I just looked up the pepper! Its unbelievable! Its gorgeous, so versitile!

    Ok my list is; I want a pepper piece (anything), a lilac or vanilla epi and a yellow (is it called tasilli?) small piece.

    Oh...I have completely fallen inlove with the epi line again. I am reconstructing my bag collection epi based! Theyre amazing!
  9. I know what you mean. I like epi yellow but haven't found a deal good enough for my pocket and most eBay auctions on it wasn't reassuring.
  10. Those are the ones i'm watching! I can't decide which one! I love the speedy its my favorite shape, but i already have a fawn in size 30. I like the jasmin as well, but i'm worried its too small. (for example i always whinge about how small the denim speedy is).

    Arghh.... (theyre not exactly cheap so...)
  11. what about the speedy in lilac?
  12. I saw a lilac epi speedy on a girl just the other day and I just can't stop staring at it. It truly is a really special color.