Mad Men

  1. Anyone see the first episode? It's a new series about the advertising agency business in the early 1960s. If you're in a creative field, you will enjoy this show. It was fascinating to see how working at an ad agency during that time was depicted. Oh, the debauchery! I remember hearing stories of what it was like in the early 80s, but by the time I got into advertising in the early 90s most of that type of business behavior was long gone. Sadly, now most agencies are lean and mean, with no budgets for "getting into trouble."

    Definitely a thumbs up if you're into advertising and its history!
  2. Is this on NBC? I missed it. What night is it on?
  3. OMG, the more and more I watch this show, the better it gets.

    It is so well written, acted, etc.

    The storylines are great, and its nice to see that even though people wanted modernization, they didn't know exactly how to go about it in the early 60s.

    Great show!
  4. I think it's on Bravo.

    I hate the show. It is very well done and acted.

    But I was a young business woman in those days. The show accurately portrays how badly women were treated then whether they were workers, wives, or girlfriends. I found even 15 minutes of the show painful to watch.

    Women have come a long way and we have a lot more work to do before we get true equality.
  5. I have to say I love this show so much. The opening credits is so well played.
  6. anyone been keeping up and want to discuss?
  7. in this case, the fact that you hate it is a testament to how good it is!

    i didn't experience those times myself, and even i cringe a lot. pretty incredible that it was such a relatively short time ago, the mindsets in the workplace were so archaic.

    initially, i wondered if a period show like this could work. the issues addressed were the issues of yesteryear, after all. but what i thought would make the show predictable and irrelevant to today's viewers is exactly what makes it so compelling. sometimes we need to see the issues of another time under a microscope, storytelling usually deals only with the issues and struggles of today. but you learn a lot about our current circumstances, and in general, by seeing things that people dealt with in the past. and we might THINK we're past most of them, but occassionally, the things they address make you think twice...

    i find the fact that so much was swept under the rug and simply NOT addressed makes for very interesting storytelling. the more questions, secrets and cultural resistance a character has, the more compelling his/her story. also, on the flipside, the fact that some things were categorically accepted, like the questionable treatment of women, creates a lot of friction, like im sure it did in reality. it's just that we have the luxury of seeing further into these characters, the image of 'everything is ok' is blown, we're not at arms length, a distance from which a facade can be easily kept up.

    too bad we've only got 3 more episodes, then no more until next summer!:crybaby:

    last episode was great though, lots of great revelations and turning points. :tup:
  8. Just caught on to this show. IT'S GREAT! I saw the final episode on Thursday and I was hooked. Went to my cable's ON DEMAND and was able to catch the last few episodes. They are going to rerun the season in a couple of weeks and I can't wait. It is really so good and shocking. Thank God, I was born when I was. The treatment of women was deplorable. And EVERYONE smokes EVERYWHERE. I can't believe it. They even drink at work. The sets are awesome, the characters are gorgeous...I am really hooked. If you haven't watched, try it. The producer is from the Sopranos.
  9. Bumping this thread since the 2nd season starts Sunday!!

    I discovered this show when the first season re-ran the second time around. I absolutely LOVED it!! I find it fascinating. It has this odd, mesmerizing effect on me. I can't get enough of it!

    So don't forget about the season premiere - Sunday, July 27th on AMC at 10 p.m. ET! :idea:
  10. I can't wait for Sunday!! I caught up this week on the whole season and I'm interested to see how the new season pans out.
  11. I watched the season one marathon on AMC the other day and got hooked! No cable show has ever received so many EMMY nominations ever!
  12. ^^They deserve all those nominations! I don't think there are any other shows right now that can compare. This one is in a class all its own. :yes:
  13. I love how authentic everything looks. The hair, the make-up, the clothes... even the women's bras! I was too young to know what was really going on in 1960... but I guess everyone really did smoke that much?

    Anyway... love the show! I'm definitely watching this Sunday.
  14. _I'm sure I'd love it, but darn, I only have so much time for tv and I have missed this one; maybe I can see it in reruns