Mad Men Season 5

  1. Oh man, it's coming close.

    Remember, Joan's baby is Roger's. They did it in the street after they got mugged. Ironically she got mugged of her wedding ring before they had sex.

    Another uncomfortable situation: Don's new wife is still his secretary. That combined with Pete/Peggy having had an affair/baby must make it the most uncomfortable work environment of all time lol
  2. I doubt Joan will tell her husband the truth.
  3. Just my opinion, but I don't think the hubby is going to make it anyway.

    I thought the new season started last Sunday ... I didn't get home until late and was frantically trying to find the re-air on AMC. Setting my DVR for this Sunday! Can't wait.
  4. Yeah I have a feeling her husband will be killed in the war. It has more possibilities story wise for Joan to be single or even end up with Roger at some point

  5. The article I read said no....and Matt Weiner ended up with a much smaller salary than he wanted in order to make concessions for not sacrificing characters and air time

  6. I don't think Joan's husband is going to make it either.
  7. I don't know if he will die, or come back injured some how/addicted to drugs to push Joan away from him more. There's going to be a lot to work through this season, I hope the time jump doesn't just jump over it.
  8. Something will happen to her husband, but I'm thinking he may come back alive but even more screwed up than before.
  9. I agree! I actually like Joan & Roger together.
  10. Remind me please, is Roger still married to that 11 year old?
  11. I think so ...
  12. Gearing up for some sure to be polarized discussion!