Mad Men Limited Edition Collection at Banana Republic

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  1. So glad there is a thread on this! I saw the leopard coat in the window today and I wanted it; it just looked like a great piece.

    Probably won't get it because leopard doesn't really fit in my wardrobe and I don't really need a trench in Miami :sad:
  2. Just bought a few things from's like my dream work wardrobe. I will post pics when they come in!
  3. Could you let us know about the quality of the pieces, how they fit, etc?

    I feel like the amount of leopard print was pretty ridiculous (then again I almost never wear it so I'm biased), but otherwise it looks like a nice line
  4. I really want the tie blouses! Do discounts apply to these items?
  5. I love so many pieces! Unfortunately im banned from clothes buying for a bit.
  6. I was at the mall yesterday and saw the signs up for this but was too lazy to go in a take a peek
  7. Yes! I was so excited to see the new line yesterday. I loved how they had a whole cocktail party to celebrate. I didn't have time to try anything on but there are some really nice pieces in the collection :smile:
  8. I tried on quite a few things from this collection and sad to say the quality was uneven - better on some pieces (like the bracelet length jacket) than others (the leopard print sweaters, which itched and shed like crazy, and the dresses). The prices seemed on the high side too for the materials used. I think $90 for a polyester blouse with so so fit is no great deal (that was the one with the bow tie front). The lace shell just felt kind of skimpy and the fit wasn't great, either.

    I did end up getting the Izzy shoes in the leopard print - still don't know how much is leather but they are very comfy (too bad the pony skin on the seam at the back is already sticking up, but I felt for the money, it was worth it). Also the lace tipped dress in black. It comes down slightly too much in front to wear to work (maybe Joan could have gotten away with it in the 60s, though!) but is a great evening piece.

    Didn't see the handbag on the site in the store, but the clutches also seemed to be so-so for quality, BTW.
  9. The skirts look gorgeous....but are priced a little high for BR. Personally, I find the style similar to Anthro, and Anthro seems to be better quality (at least for me).
  10. I was excited about the collection. Until..... I was able to see it in person and my excitement level went down pretty quickly. The quality of the fabric is a total let down - especially the full circle skirt. It wrinkles quickly and doesn't hold it's shape.

    The cardigans, like mistikat stated, were itchy and very thin (see through). They also looked washed and worn.

    My only purchase (and I'm still debating keeping it) is the leopard print trench. In pictures it looks great, the fit is perfect and I love the slight flare. I wish BR hadn't chosen 100% polyester. It would have looked much better with blend.
  11. Thanks for the updates! I'm disappointed to hear about the clothing. I was really looking forward to some of these items. The hunt continues!
  12. I was really excited for this collection, and was thinking about buying some pieces when it previewed on Gilt. Then I saw the prices on some of the items, which caused me to hesitate. It's a shame that the quality is subpar. The other thing that gets me is the lack of options for petite sizes. Boo

  13. When these pieces came up on Gilt I used the zoom feature to try and see what the fabric was like. That circle skirt looked really cheap even on zoom. I really liked the dress but again I was skeptical about the fabric quality. I'm glad I stayed away.
  14. How does the quality compare with ZARA? so often those clothes look great in photos and so disappointing, nasty even, in real life.