mad mary janes

  1. so i'm completely in love with these shoes (and hoping to pinch enough pennies to buy them sooner rather than later)...does anyone have them? opinions? i'm not sure how work appropriate they are but they are just calling to me! i was reading that i should go 1.5 sizes up for the patent leather?
  2. It really is best to try them on since everybody's feet are different. I personally went up 1 1/2 sizes, BUT the insole is too big. The shoe works for me though b/c of the strap. Others got their normal size or only went up 1/2 to 1 size. My friend who is a US 6 has these in a 37 so everybody is truly different.

    My insole only measures 10" so I have 39/39.5 in many Louboutins, but I often size up to a 40/40.5 for the added comfort is all. It's just personal preference. I would rather put an insert in than be complaining a few hours later that my toes or heels are hurting. Know what I mean?
  3. Yep, you really need to try these on. I normally wear 36.5, but was told these ran small so I ordered a pair a 37 but they turned out to be too big. Luckily my SA was able to locate the last pair of 36.5! Whereas my SIL normally wears a 37, but had to go up to a 38 in these. Good luck!
  4. i went a whole size up. they are kinda like the rolandos in terms of sizing IMO.
  5. I was told they ran small too so I got a half size up & they ended up being a little big. So for me they were TTS or half size down.
  6. yes, definitely try them on. I don't have the Mad Marys but I have the Rolandos, and they were TTS for me.
  7. FYI, there may be some in the NM sale. I saw a pair (forgot what size) of them in black at the NM in San Francisco on the First Call rack.
  8. CL BH had these on sale as well.
  9. i'll shop around the boutiques and harrods, etc this weekend
  10. CL NY and both stores in CA are sold out of the black ones .. I had to order full price from Barneys NY just to get a pair in black patent ...It's becoming very difficult to get your hands on these ...
  11. Sara you are lucky enough to have boutiques and Harrods near you... I'm up in Glasgow and no where at all sells CL's! I would be surprised if I showed people them in the street and 50% of people knew what they were! heheee...
  12. well when i went to harrods during the sale their selection was atrocious. some graffiti flats and some strange non attractive pair of Cls. maybe i should attempt it again now that the sale is over. i didn't see the london boutique even though i wandered around knightsbridge extensively. i'll have to go again with my a-z in hand. just to try on the shoes so i can figure out my size and then purchase them elsewhere for cheaper! haha