Mad At New Coach In The Outlet? Let Your Voice Be Heard!

  1. I am very angry at seeing new Coach going to the outlet only a few weeks after it was released in the boutiques. :cursing: Why should I bother paying full price when it will be available at a deep discount in a short period of time. I went to and sent them an email concerning this matter. I have already received an email that told me they were sorry I found this upsetting and they would direct my concerns to the appropriate department. I am asking all of you who feel the same way to go to and send them an email concerning this matter. You can also send a letter if you wish. Put something in the subject like "Upset about new Coach in outlets". I am not upset that people who shop the outlets are getting a great deal. I am upset that Coach treats new releases like they are practically disposable. If I am willing to pay full price for a bag I don't expect to see it in the outlet during the same season. I feel this practice cheapens my bag and it also cheapens the brand name of Coach. I got a response from Coach in 24 hours. If they receive several such emails they may reconsider what they are doing.
  2. I am going to write an email now. I agree, if we all get together on this, they won't be as likely to ignore the problem
  3. Surprised you got an actual response... I emailed them days ago about the service I received at the Boutique & haven't heard anything....:tdown:
  4. Just sent.
  5. writing something up now!
  6. I wrote to a couple months back "complaining" and received a similar response, and since then has NEVER responded to any of my e-mails. I have written to ask about availability, because often I can't call during the day due to work hours, and now I can't even get a simple e-mail response. Nice.
  7. I emailed them one time last year about the same thing! I bought a white hamptons hobo during the June PCE event, and literally 1 week later it was in the outlet for cheaper than what I paid. If I'm a preferred customer, shouldn't I be getting the best price!! I never did hear back.
  8. Are you sure it was a new boutique item you've seen in the outlets? The only "current" items I've seen at the outlet in Nor. Calif. would be one-of-a kind stuff that had been returned in not the best shape, or repaired.

    Never have I seen anything "new" that was on or within 2 weeks of being in boutiques.

    BUT I have seen plenty of NEW items selling at the outlets that are "factory store" only: Using the same pattern, but slightly different materials, to create "look-a-like" bags for coach at lower price points.
  9. Don't forget to also write if you've experienced bad customer service at the boutique stores.
  10. The Cotton carlys are still on the website and they are showing up at outlets all over the US.
  11. From what I heard at the store the Boutiques are now shipping directly to the outlets. no more letting the bags sit around in Jax for a year.
  12. I got a reply, here it is

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Our COACH Factory Stores carry factory overruns,
    discontinued styles and discontinued colors and merchandise
    that has slight imperfections. It is often difficult for the
    untrained eye to determine the quality standard difference. Although these styles may be current, they are not first quality.

    If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to
    contact us.


    COACH Online Consumer Service
  13. I wonder if this really is accurate.. I went to the outlet yesterday after all the hype and they did have some vintage leather ergos and (I only looked briefly since the place was a mad house) I thought they seemed as if they were tossed around/used/scratched etc. They didn't look awful, but definitely not brand spanking new either.

    I don't really agree with these new styles being at the outlets so soon though, with that explanation from 'Shay', especially since they seem to try to pull off (judging from fellow tPFers) selling a used/returned item as new anyway.
  14. Shay's answer confuses me, because ALL of our cotton signature bags were pulled and sent to outlets and half of them had never been unwrapped after being sent from JAX. The new styles that were sent to outlets, the majority of them, were in first-quality pristine condition. So... :confused1:
  15. It's probably just corporate-speak to soothe feelings. Like the guy at our city hall who told me that it wasn't a big deal for us to be required to maintain the city property at the edge of our lot, because the trade-off was that they didn't tax us on it. Huh??

    This just sounds like a canned response, for when people understandably get upset when the bag the just bought a week ago shows up at an outlet for much less. I don't believe that the outlets only sell seconds and irregulars. The stuff there is great, and they always make a point of telling me which ones are the transfers from full price.