Mad About You

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  1. I loved this show when it was on! I loved Paul and Jamie's sarcastic but loving relationship with each other. I loved Paul's "my friends" and "this is what I'm saying"s.

    I loved all the characters.

    I loved when they had Mabel and their adventures with parenthood.

    I used to watch it every Tuesday night.

    I remember the series finale airing the night before I went in for a spinal fusion. I remember making it a point to go to bed early (because I had to be at the hospital early the next morning) but I made sure to stay up and watch the finale. And for that hour, I forgot about how worried I was about going into surgery the next morning. I was lost in watching what happened to Paul and Jamie.
  2. Paul: He.. you know.. he embarrassed me!
    Jamie: Well, you embarrass me sometimes.
    Paul: When? When did I embarrass you?
    Jamie: Pick a day!

    Mark: Hello, Room Service? This is Dr. Devanow from Room 618. Listen, I've got to tell ya, this is the best club sandwich I've ever had! (pause) No, seriously, be..cause, because the bacon was crisp enough to provide traction so that the tomato didn't slide. (long pause) Sure, I'll hold!

    Paul: I can see staring at this face for another 50 years.
    Jamie: Really?
    Paul: Oh yeah, absolutely!
    Jamie: Even if I get a double-chin?
    Paul: I'll love both of 'em.
    Jamie: And grey hair, and wrinkles.
    Paul: Not a problem!
    Jamie: Even if I've false teeth, a moustache, and I drool?
    Paul: Why do you have to push? You've always got to push.

    (Paul and Jaime are playing Scrabble. Jaime questions Paul's word.)
    Jaime: Use it in a sentence.
    Paul: I won the game of Scrabble by using the word "hing".

    (The phone rings while Jamie is waiting for Paul to propose after Fran told her about it)
    Paul: It's Fran (hands her the phone)
    Jamie: Hello. (almost immediately) No. (hangs up)
    Paul: What did she want?
    Jamie: She, uh, wanted to know if she should get cornrows.
    Paul: No!

    Registrar: These are pre-paid course cards. You didn't pre-pay, which means you have to trade these in for non-pre-paid now-paid course cards, then come back for the paid course cards submission for scheduling.
    Paul: Okay, do me a favor. Talk to me like I'm four.
    Registrar: Go over there.
    Paul: Thank you!