Mad about Marwari

  1. I ADORE my new marwari cashmere/silk shawl... looks good, feels good!

  2. Gorgeous, archangel! I love mine too!:p
  3. I was inspired by yours MsS when you wore it to KL and took fotos of the store opening there... my store didnt have your colorway... only this and the orange... so I got this instead
  4. :love::love::love::love:
  5. beautifiul!!! this is really a gorgeous piece of art....
  6. I love that!!

    I have the scarf in orange and in blue and the shawl in orange. The design is just amazing!
  7. I love the orange cw on its own but it did not flatter my skintone... but it looks lovely on you (saw your modelling pics(
  8. Gorgeous!! The silk in that colourway is on my wish list!
  9. I love the Marwari. Such beautiful art.
  10. Beautiful, archangel. Can't wait to get mine. Any action pics?
  11. Your Marwari is beautiful. I don't know why/how I passed it up when I bought my scarves!
  12. The Marwari is a truly beautiful design. Archangel, that cashmere shawl is heavenly!!! Congrats!
  13. Congrats Archangel :yahoo:!!!
    This is my fav colorway in this pattern :love: !!!
    Unfortunately it doesn't work on me I have to take the blue one (kind of :sad:)...
  14. Is the cashmere one in this CW only available per SO? I love it:love:.
  15. I've seen it in the San Francisco boutique. A friend of mine got one and they have another in already.