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  1. I might be going to NY soon and might stop in Macys. Do they sell LV there? My local Macy's doesn't so I was just wondering. :shame:
  2. Yes, I am almost positive about the Macy's in NYC. The one in Roosevelt Field Mall (Garden City) sells LV. Where in NY are you going?
  3. This Saturday, I might go with a friend to the Metropolitan Museum and some other places. We might stop there.
  4. Yeah there is one Macy*s there that does. I just bought from them via telephone.
  5. I've heard that Macys in NY do have LV
  6. If you are going to be by the MoMa, you should just head over to the LV store on 5th ave. (57th and 5th...)
  7. Wow a fellow Long Islander! There are many department stores in the city that sell Louis Vuitton. While you here though, if you are serious about purchasing, you should hit the Flagship store at 57th and 5th. Or one in Soho. I feel you get a better shopping experience at an LV store (especially one the size of the flagship...3 floors? maybe 4...).
  8. Isn't there a pic of the flagship store in NYC in the book? I thought I saw one but I'm not sure. LV flagships are quite grand! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  9. Slightly off-topic, but...........
    I'm a Long Islander too!:P
    I'm a bit pathetic though, since I've never really been to the city. The LV at the Americana is good enough for me for now though.
  10. Thanks for the advice everyone. If we go anywhere besides the museum we'll hit the one on 57th. Thanks for the address.
  11. There's two Macy*s in NY that sells Louis Vuitton, Macy*s Herald Square and the forementioned one on Long Island
  12. This might be irrelevant, and you might already know it, but Saks Fifth Avenue has LV too, and a few blocks down the street from it is the LV flagship store on 57th St and Fifth Ave.
  13. Actually, I didn;t know Saks did. :shame: Thank you!

    Thanks for telling me Mello.
  14. Have fun in NY!! Take lots of pictures for us, it's my goal to visit NYC before the year ends so if I can't make it, I'll live through your pictures!
  15. All of my pictures will be outside. My friend told me the museum doesn't allow pictures. :sad2: