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  1. I haven't been to a Macys in years, but Friday I'm going to be near one and thought I'd pop in.

    Tell me, what designer bags do they usually carry? I suppose they have Coach/Dooney, Michael Kors, etc, but what else do you usually see there?

  2. ^ They have one little counter each of Coach and Dooney at mine. They also have: Fossil, Tiganello, Guess, Kathy Van Zeeland, Nine West, the Sak, Le Sportsac.

    My Macy's is not nice at all; Coach is the highest-end brand they carry. They do have good sales though. They often have newer Coach bags AND accessories for 20% off. It's the only place I've ever seen current season Coach stuff on sale (everything at my outlets is at least a year old unless it's damaged). They also mark down the bags that don't sell, sometimes 60% off. The Dooney is never on sale though...
  3. Along with the names mentioned above. I've seen Cole Haan and Kate Spade.

    Lucky brand too!
  4. They have a a lot of DKNY and Kenneth Cole. It depends on which on your going to and where you are located.
  5. My local Macy's is a small one. They have a Coach counter, a Dooney counter, LeSportsac, Harajuku Lovers, Nine West, The Sak, Kathy Van Zeeland, Guess, Kenneth Cole, Stone Mountain, Etienne Aigner, Liz Claiborne (her leather line), HOBO International and Style & Co (which is a Macy's brand). Occasionally, they get in a couple of Kate Spades, Juicys, DKNYs, or a Jessica Simpson bag. None of these brands are really my cup of tea, but they do have some nice sales. I did get a Coach bag charm 50% once. I go to Macy's more for clothing. I like their International Concepts brand and Ralph Lauren.
  6. It also depends on the Macy's you go to...Macy's in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area have a very good selection of purses (some Coach purses were on sale for 50% off this past weekend). Of course the Macy's at Herald Square in NYC has a great selection of bags, too.
  7. Thanks, you guys. I guess no matter what they have, it'll be fun checking everything out. :graucho:
  8. The Macys in Oakbrook, IL has an LV boutique, but only because it used to be Marshall Fields, I miss Fields:crybaby:
  9. jenjen 1964 - I agree with you 100%! I don't like Macy's at all and miss Marshall Fields. Especially in Oak Brook.
  10. Pretty much the same about the brands that you guys have mentioned above. Here, in FL, the Macy's took over all of our Burdines. Armcandy I wanted to say CONGRATS to you on your weight loss, way to go. Can I ask you how you lost it?? Wendy
  11. Grace, the large one near me also started carrying Furla and Brahmin, in addition to the others metioned. The smaller one near me only carries Coach, Dooney and Michael Kors. I wish they would all start carrying the same brands!
  12. The good thing as that they'll go on sale at Macy's. We got a coach for my bf's mom this weekend that was 50% off and in perfect condition. Some of the bags were pretty scuffed though.
  13. Thank you. I lost my weight on Richard Simmons' FoodMover program. Since this is totally off topic, I will direct you to my weight loss thread for more details. Click the word "goal" in my signature.