Macys West Foresta Stock:


Mar 25, 2007
Okay here is the results of my item locating at work today. I tried calling several places, but after dealing with all the people that know nothing about tokidoki I gave up.... I wish I could get a bella foresta... sigh.

Foresta Gioco (Currently 50% off, I think):

Glendale, CA
(818) 240-8411 Amount: 1

Henderson, NV
(702) 458-7300 Amount: 1

Foresta Stellina (Currently 65% off):

San Francisco, CA
(415) 397-3333 Amount: 2

San Jose, CA
(408) 224-3333 Amount: 2

Arden Fair
Sacramento, CA
(916) 925- 2845 Amount: 1

Valley Fair
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 248-3333 Amount: 1

Fox Hills
Culver City, CA
(310) 390-8911 Amount: 1

Woodland Hills, CA
(818) 313- 8844 Amount: 1

Foresta Bella (currently 50% off):

Palo Alto, CA
(650) 326-3333 Amount: 3

San Francisco, CA
(415)397-3333 Amount: 2

Santa Anita
Arcadia, CA
(626)445-5711 Amount: 2

Sherman Oaks, CA
(818) 788-850 Amount: 2

San Jose, CA
(408) 238-3333 Amount: 1

Montebello, CA
(323)201-2111 Amount: 1

Santa Ana
(714) 547-7211 Amount: 1

Del Amo
Torrance, CA
(310) 370-8511 Amount: 1

Century City
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 556-1611 Amount: 1

Westside P
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 475-4911 Amount: 1

Irvine, CA
(949) 341-9111 Amount: 1

I also looked up the bambinone style, but that went salvage so that means it is no longer carried in stores at all and will probably be appearing at Ross or TJ Maxx if there is even anymore left out there...


Mar 25, 2007
Yeah I got super frustrated calling... I wanted to buy one of them but I can't deal with all the SAs not caring or checking in the stockroom. I'm absolutely sure that at least a few of the stores had what I was looking for just sitting in the stockroom but no one cares to look.
Sep 12, 2006
Awww, that super sucks! Cant you order it in your comp system at work? I know macys was trying to sell me a bag that they didnt have here at my local store. The sa said that she can order it through the computer and it would be sent to my house.


Mar 25, 2007
No unfortunately I can't just order it through the computer... I don't know who you talked to... maybe they were new? But you definitely have to call, and they ring it up at the register and get your shipping info over the phone and then ship it out to your house.. :sad:


Jun 7, 2007
Firstly, very much thanks to you snapcat for giving this head's up, I really appreciate the opportunity to find a Foresta Stellina. Unfortunately the hunt continues.

I managed to get through to SanFran, Valley Fair, and Arden Fair and they all gave me a thumbs down.

The girl in SanFran was particularly rude and unhelpful BTW. If anyone happens by that location and runs into a bubblegum smacking, teenaged sounding girl with hideous grammar please smack her for me? Sigh...