Macy's was soooo good to me today!!!

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  1. It was raining out......So I went shoe shopping!!!!

    I bought
    Theresa LT.KHAKI flats reg.$118.00--SALE $41.30
    EXTRA 20% OFF..$.33.04:yahoo:
    Barrett Silver button sneakers reg. $88.00--sale $30.80
    extra 20% off $24.60:yahoo:
    Kelbie Khaki/Choc. Sneakers reg.$108.00--sale $37.80
    Extra 20% off....$30.24:yahoo:

    Last week I purchased Jordan Riding Boots reg. $398.00--
    sale $139.99:yahoo:
  2. Ooo! Modeling pics??? Pleeeassse?
  3. WHOA! Awesome deals!
  4. OK.... sure I will post pics, give me a lil bit and I will be happy to show you!:P
  5. Can't wait to see! Love a great deal!
  6. congrats!!
  7. Congrats!!!
    Great Scores!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. Ok I'm not quite modeling the shoes...but here a few pics...........Enjoy!

  9. u did great girl!
  10. LOVE the boots!! Your flats look super comfy & squishy with the quilt-like soles! And your tennis shoes are too cute! Congrats on your shoe haul!! :smile:
  11. im jealous i was about to buy the button ones today, but they didnt have my size....
  12. Thanks for the comments!
  13. Wow!!! LOVE those boots...A LOT!!! They are gorgeous! What a fantastic price, too!
  14. so loving those boots and those button sneakers

    awesome finds

  15. Wow! Great shoes and at fab prices! I love love love the boots! Congrats on your great finds!
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