Macy's Visitor's discount

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  1. For all you travelers, I discovered this in a shopping guide and use it whenever I travel - especially to New York and Las Vegas. Both stores issued me a card good for 11% off all purchases!

    Here's the policy. It's on their website under 'STORES - Visitors Services:
    An exceptional selection of fashion and affordable luxury has helped make Macy's, America's best-loved department store, a popular shopping destination for travelers. That's why we offer a special program just for visitors.

    Begin with special travelers' savings
    Domestic visitors are eligible to receive our Welcome Savings Pass, which offers up to 11% savings in all Macy's stores nationwide for five days after validation.
    International visitors can receive the Welcome International Savings Card, which is available in 10 languages and offers 11% savings in all Macy's stores for 30 days after validation.
    With an ID, visitors can obtain the Savings Pass or Savings Card at select Macy's locations, and at our Visitor Centers. In all Florida stores, you can receive your Savings Card at the Gift Wrap counter.*

    Discover our Visitor Centers
    As a visitor, you can enjoy exclusive savings, special events and personal services provided through our Visitor Centers in New York at Herald Square, Philadelphia Center City, Chicago at State Street, San Diego at Horton Plaza, San Francisco's Union Square, Las Vegas at Fashion Show and Honolulu at Ala Moana. Our courteous concierge staff will also welcome you with:

    • Shopping assistance
    • Tourist information
    • Coat & package check
    • Refreshments
    • Language assistance. Services may vary by center
  2. Thanks for the info funandsun. I got one from staying at a hotel in vegas, and I never knew I could get them again!

    The visitor's discount is really good because you can use it on designer items!

    It has very few restrictions. The obvious ones would be.. furniture, cosmetics, and mattresses. I no longer have my coupon, but it's definitely good to have if you're buying impulse or designer handbags.. though it'll most likely exclude LV.
  3. the only designer handbags i have seen at macys are stuff like coach and d&b... nothing close to LV
  4. I don't know if the Macy's in California carry LV. I know all of the ones in the Bay Area and surrounding don't carry LV.
  5. I think the only Macy's that carries LV is the one in NY.
    However, if you go to a nice Macys, they'll carry Marc by Marc Jacobs.. Not sure about Marc Jacobs but maybe.
  6. The Macy's in downtown Minneapolis carries LV. It's the only place in the state of Minnesota that does.
  7. :woohoo: great news. Thanks for sharing
    I am plotting a trip in a couple of months
  8. Do u know any macy's that carries Chanel or Dior?
  9. I was just in NY this weekend, and I picked up a visitors pass from the Macy's at Heralds Square. All they asked for was an ID.

    claire_dior - I didn't see any Dior or Chanel accessories or shoes
  10. jennt - did they issue a visitors pass right there on the spot? I'm going to NYC this Sept.
  11. I just suggested this to some Aussie visitors last weekend! Such a nice perk.
  12. Yes. After I showed the associate my ID, he just handed me a pass from his large stack of prestamped passes. I saw a lot of other shoppers with the same pass.
  13. Thanks!