Macys Trip with Pics + A ?

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  1. I went to Macys for thier weekend sale and I was looking at some of the Coach items and I saw this bag but the girl didn't know what line this was from. I am gonna guess Legacy but I am not sure. When I saw this bag I had to have it and then of course a wallet that matched as best as possible.

    Can someone help me identify this bag? Style numnber is 12705

    Oh and by the way they have some really great prices on Coach bags too!



  2. I don't know what style that is but it's GORGEOUS!!! I love the lining! :smile:
  3. Oh my...that is NICE!!!:yes:
  4. It's one of the new legacy bags.
  5. I like it :smile:
  6. It's in the latest Coach catalogue, but I'm sorry I don't have the catalogue. I gave mine to a co-worker because her sister collects them.

    Take care,
  7. wow!!!! what a great looking bag!
  8. Yeah, that is one of the new Legacy looks like the tote. They were piloted a couple of months ago and will probably be officially released later this month.
  9. It's the COACH Legacy Leather Tote! Enjoy her!
  10. Gorgeous!
  11. I saw this in my local store the other day. It is one of the new legacy bags. I waiting to order it in grey for my sister.
  12. The purple lining is breathtaking! :drool:
  13. That is beautiful!
  14. That's NICE! Beautiful lining.
  15. She is so gorgeous! and that lining:drool:
    Yep, Coachgrl is right..that is the Coach Legacy Leather Tote in Mahogany...I want to get one in Grey:girlsigh: