Macy's this weekend

  1. I saw a commercial on tv last night for Macy's having a goodwill kinda sale where you pay $5 and get an all day coupon for 20%. Does anyone know if this includes or excludes Coach?
  2. No I checked this online under in-store events, no good for Coach :sad:
  3. You should call and ask them, I would be willing to bet it excludes Coach items.
  4. It excludes Coach and all the other good brands.
  5. If you're looking for an older style, there's a ton at 50% off original prices (Vintage ergo, camel leather Carly, gold patchwork from summer, watercolor, and canvas carly - small demi in denim and chocolate), this was at the Lakewood CA and Glendale, CA stores. They do charge-sends, but no additional coupons.