Macy's "Thanks for Sharing" campaign: 10%Rewards

  1. Macys will being starting their "Thanks for Sharing" program on September 19, 2007. The enrollment is $25 (portion goes to local charities). Then, on everything you purchase from September 19th (or date of enrollment) to Jan 4, 08, you'll get 10% back in a "Rewards Gift Card". The rewards card comes in February.

    Last year, I made sure to buy everyone's gifts (even those my mom was giving) with the Macy's card, and earned nearly $300!

    I need to confirm this, but when I asked an SA about this today, she believed that Elite Card Members earned their normal $25 gift certificates on purchases, along with the rewards card for this program, which is double rewards.
  2. anyone know when you are supposed to receive the rewards for the most recent program ending?
  3. I think feb. I'm waiting for mine too.
  4. Last year I got mines around the end of January.
  5. i got mine!! mine is $110. how much is everyone else get?

    i think i may be getting a new handbag :p
  6. I'm still waiting for mine. When did you get it?
  7. i got mine last week :smile:
  8. I'm still waiting for mine too!!:pout:

    It should be at least $300 b/c we completed most of our wedding registry. maybe I'll call...
  9. Haven't gotten mine yet either...