Macy's Spy pics

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  1. Hi Everyone! I was at Macy's yesterday and managed to get these spy pics taken before being "found out" :P I looove the Pink Stripe!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I hate my Macy's. They carry mostly siggie, very few all leather bags. Their selection is tiny. They never have anyone working who knows anything about purses, much less about Coach. They had about 8 million pieces of the new plastic-y looking Leah stuff on display tonight, but nothing else "new". Arrgghh.
  3. Ohh I LOVE that last pic.. the sig with the pink stripe! Anyone know what exact purse that is? Very classy!!!
  4. I shop Dillard's or Macy's when I see the clearance sells, then I buy if I can after researching here first.
  5. I like the shape of that one too, but I really dont want to get my sig bags, maybe an accessory in that coloring though.
  6. Thanks so much, Neliza!! You rock!! I like these, especially the "Francine-like" bags!
  7. I'm loving the sig w/the pink stripe too... o which one to get! LOL
  8. OMG...your Macy's too...I thought it was just went to three different Macy's here and stood at the counter for 15 min while they stood there w/no customers and never came over...and they saw, I just walked away. I like Dillards much better and their selection is always better too.
  9. I know. I have to have something on this line tho!!! lol
  10. My macy's is the same way too! Its like no one works there... its awful, and they never get any of the newer stuff in... its weird because of the fact that the Macy's I go to is in one of the largest malls in America... you would think that they would have newer stuff AND good CS... but NOPE!
  11. ^ that macys sucks at the MOA. the one at southdale is nice, they get all the new stuff in but I buy from my girls down at the Coach store.
  12. I may have to check out the Macy's at Southdale sometime! :yes:
  13. Sorry to be a party pooper, but seriously, they need to be more creative!! :hrmm: Aside from the colors, the bags are very "L.A.M.B." IMHO.

    Thanks for taking spy pics Neliza!
  14. Love the last one but not the price.
  15. All this stuff is on the website now. :tup:

    Didn't see there was a thread about this. Guess everyone knows already. Lol.