Macy's SKU Number Help

  1. I thought I'd start a general help thread for Macy's sku numbers. Does anyone have the number for the brown Ali?
  2. If Coach would just give us the SKU numbers to give to Macy's
    IF Macy's would just call Coach for us to get the SKU
    so that they can type it in their system that tell them not only exactly which stores should carry the bag but ALSO which store has them, this whole buying process which be so much easier.
  3. I know. I tried emailing Coach for the sku and got a response that they couldn't give me the info.
  4. Good idea for a thread! ;)

    I'd love the SKU for the Brown Ali as well. :yes:
  5. I tried
    A. Calling Coach.
    They told me that they can't give me the info because I'm not from Coach or a dept store.
    B. Emailing Coach.
    Same, can't give me info because I'm not from Coach or a dept. store.
    C. Having Macy's call Coach.
    Told me we don't call outside the store, our customers do the calling and bring the information to us.

    This is f$@(@(@ ridiculous. It seems like no one wants to help. I mean, they want a sale right? You'd think that, granted they have the item in stock, they'd make the item readily available to customers.
  6. It's a viscious cycle it seems. But my next idea is to go to Dillard's because they had the Brown Ali and I'll ask to see it and then get the number. Wonder if Dillard's will just match the F&F discount?

  7. Yeah, they should be just like Bed Bath & Beyond and Linens & Things!

    Perhaps one of the SAs here can conspicuously look up the SKU numbers for those that need them.

  8. That would ROCK, cause my local Dillard's does have the Brown Ali. And smart thinking graberg, about checking out the SKU there. :yes:

    I agree with you PyAri, if they want the sale they should be doing what they can to help us out! I miss the customer service at my local Coach boutique compared to Macy's.
  9. The Ali No. 10329 brown SKU Number is 884830202762.
    Good Luck!
  10. Does anyone know the SKU number for the Black and Natural Legacy Leather Shoulder Zip bag? Thanks!
  11. Thanks Liz - I went to Dillard's and got it there. They would not match the F&F discount so after spending about 2 hours at Macy's with a very kind SA, I found a brown Ali in CA. It's being shipped to me. Today's new credit card discount is 15% and my SA was told by the store manager that the 20% discount would not start until May 8, after the end of F&F. Also, I had to pay the shipping charge because it appears to be up to the individual store on whether it will waive that fee. A bit frustrating all in all but hopefully the bag will be nice.