Macy's SKU for Patent Leather Ergo - HELP!

  1. Anyone know what Macy's SKU is for this bag? I wanted to get one today & they couldn't help me unless I had the SKU.

  2. Hi:

    Style No. 11009 - Coach Black Patent Ergo
    UPC No. - 884830250602.

    I went to my Macy's Herald Square store and they advised that they
    did not have the Black Patent Ergo anywhere in the fifty
    states. Please do let us know if you have any luck finding one. Good luck to you!

    kind regards,
  3. OK, it is not on their website so it is probably sold out. I am going to wait for PCE I think. See what I can get there.

  4. You can get it for the PCE Event. They are sold out at Macy's but you can put it on backorder. I believe they
    are coming in on May 16th. Good luck!