Macy's Shoe & Boot Event Buy 1 Pair, Get The Second 50% Off

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  1. Macy's shoe & boot sale event: Buy 1 pair, save 50% on the 2nd. Applies to men's, women's and kids' shoes. Second pair must be of equal or lesser value. Offer ends October 28, 2007.
  2. Thanks they have some great boots!
  3. is this instore??
  4. does this work online, does anyone know?
  5. It works online too. Just go to the Macy's page and the sale is posted there. It's just they charge an arm and a leg for shipping. You can try price matching on Zappos so it wil be a little cheaper and then no hassle free returns. That's what I did when they had the 1 day sale the other day.
  6. I think they do have this sale in store but it is 20-25% off instead of buy one get one 50% off.

    As for shipping, is offering free standard shipping on your entire order with the purchase of $60 worth of cosmetics or fragrance items. The code is BEAUTYFS.
  7. I wish Macys sold Uggs.