Macy's Sell Purchase - Coach Handbags for Mom and I

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  1. I saw somewhere in this forum that Macy's was having an amazing Coach purses sell and they DID!!! The purses that were on sale, had an extra 40%, the SA told me that if i applied for the macy's card i would get an 15% off.:yahoo:

    I decided to get 2 handbags for my mother (the black one and the nude one) and I got the pink one with the wallet.

    My mother was so happy when she saw both purses for her. These are her first coach purses and she was completely happy with them :love::hugs:

    Enjoy! And if you know the names of the purses let me know. I took the tags out at the store.
    Have an awesome day!

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  2. I love all your choices!! :woohoo:
  3. Beautiful bags and cute wallet!
  4. Thank you. The sales lady told me that yesterday a lot of people were buying (because of the sale). And 2 people had also put on hold the pink and nude one, however when i got there they had just put them back and i got them :biggrin:

    They were meant to be ours!
  5. Thank you
  6. gorgeous bags! especially w/ 40% off too~even more prettie:graucho:
  7. Yes I think they are meant to be yours and your mom's for real :yes: Don't you just love the discounts at departmental stores when Coach FP aren't giving any? Were there any discounts for the current lines like Poppy and Maggie?
  8. what? u got two bags at once for your mom??
    oh such a lucky mommy!!
    hmm.. can i adopt you? :biggrin:
  9. HI..

    The Black one is a Cricket..

    The Pink and Nude one are Parker Bags...

    sooo pretty... congrats...
  10. Nice haul.
  11. nice! i love them!
  12. Great bags!! When does the sale end?
  13. Yes, that is there names and if you Google the Creed and the word Coach the official name will come out...

    The bags are awesome, those are great starter bags for your mom, you are a great daughter....
  14. Beautiful bags, congrats!
  15. And is it at all Macy's or just the larger ones?