Macy's *Secret Sale*

  1. I stopped off at Macy's (Montgomery Mall, PA) last night to return some stuff and found out there's a "secret sale" going on until Sunday 9/16! In the shoe dept., all regularly priced shoes, boots, etc. were buy two or more and get 25% off of EACH pair! Got two pairs of boots... YAY! :yahoo:
  2. WOW! Thanks!
  3. Here they are: Bandolino Jordana (brown) and Rampage Cuba (black)
    rampage cuba boots.jpg bandolino jordana.jpg
  4. The Bandolinos are REALLY cute......
  5. thanks for info. i'm gping there tommorrow
  6. is it only in some macy's locations? then, i'll be really sad :cry:
  7. wow I going to stop by Macys on the way home.
  8. Just got back from MACYS StL Galleria - I HIT THE JACKPOT! 2 pairs of Kors sandals (Reg $110 EACH) for $36 TOTAL! It was buy 1 get one free and I had a coupon!!!! SOOO Happy! :yahoo:
  9. [​IMG]
    [​IMG]Here they are - my new beauties!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I can't believe the great deals!! I think I need to make a stop at Macy's this weekend!:yahoo:
  11. me too! is it at all macy's? :graucho:
  12. Plus 20% off sale or clearance items if you use your macy's card.
  13. Thanks for the secret info!!
  14. omg wow, i need to head over there tomorrow!!
  15. Yea Macy's was having a really good sale at stanford mall too. Plus there is the 25% off coupon that was sent out in the mail - can be applied to regular or clearance stuff.

    Clearance shoes were an extra 50% off. If you are size 8+ in shoes, stanford macy's had TONS of shoes. I saw these amazing tahari shoes but they only had them in 8.5 :sad: