Macy's sales

  1. has anyone seen the tokidoki on sale in macy's? I've seen many Harajuku Lovers going on sale and i was wondering when the tokidoki is going to go on sale... Oh and when does macy's give out coupons? I'm just wondering because if there is a 25% off coupon then i could get another bag.:drool:
  2. I went yesterday and the day before and well.. still no sale:shrugs:. I have a macy's card.. and they sent me a coupon like first week of july... you should sign up for their online mailing list thing.. they email you deals and coupons as they happen.
  3. I asked at the Macy's in Scottsdale and she told me that the only way they discount a Toki is if it is the only piece they have left in a print and it's been there a while. :tdown:

  4. mMm... my mom works there part time (1 day a week lmao) she gets 20% off everything... but when i told her to buy me a tokidoki with additional discounts (like normal people get) she said they usually dont do sales on bags that cost a lot that are popular... maybe shes lying to me cuz she doesnt want me to buy any >.> i will ask her later today when she gets back from Macy's
  5. When I went to return my bella at the Macy's on S. Lake in Pasadena the SA associate who latched onto it said something about an additional percentage off. I didn't get the impression that it was her discount. I walked over to their display but didn't see any indication that they were discounted. They do go on sale once in awhile but they are on the tables with all the other marked down stuff and are usually returns. My friend waits for those coupons in the mail and buys them then.
  6. preorder started, my macys has them 25% off. sale is july 18. :graucho::tup:
  7. ^ pre-order what? o.o;

    imma ask my mom lmao, cuz if its 25% off and another 20% for her that means i can get it for like half the price *evil grin*
  8. it would be around 40% off, which i guess is close enough to half off.
  9. how do u pre-order from macys =/ their website doesnt have anything lol. ive been to the store but they only have like 1 of everybag so u cant exactly choose what print placement you get T-T
  10. go to the store, pick out what you want and then tell the SA you want to preorder it. the SA will ring it up (but it doesnt actually get charged until the day of the sale) and then on the day of the sale, you go pick it up.
  11. Maaaaaaaaaaaaan!! Now I wish even more that our Macy's carried tokidoki!! I never heard of pre-ordering for a sale!! :crybaby:
  12. ^ me neither...

    @mello_yello_jen: do you think if i asked them to order more they would? like... "oh i dont like the print can u order another one?" >.<;
  13. 0708071608.jpg
  14. Oh wow! I gotta check out the Macy's in Glendale tomorrow then
  15. Looking at that sign makes me want to cry. Really. *lol*