Macy's Sale

  1. I haven't comfirmed this yet but someone from another board said Coach was on sale at Macy's 25% off. I'll check it out today
  2. there are usually a few coach on sale at Macy's...depending on the season, you'll usually find the previous season's items...

    on black friday they had a lot of white hobos, straw totes, and anything that came out in the summer on sale.
  3. All Coach or just selected items? Thanks for looking into it!
  4. I think it's only some if there is one. :yes:
  5. from what i saw, it was a lot of "fall" colors (lots of chocolate brown...yum)
  6. On Monday Macy had 25% off of Selected Coach Bags. They didn't have the Chocolate brown in my area. If so, i would have been like Kallison....YUM and it would have a new home:graucho:
  7. At my Macy's there are just selected items on sale. The denim bag with the dogleash closure was one of them, and I did see some chocolate brown as well. But not all Coach was on sale.
  8. I hope you find something good.
  9. It was just selected styles ,and they didn't have a whole lot left on sale. Nothing caught my eye.:smile:
  10. Our Macy's here doesn't carry Coach. :sad:
  11. Our Macy's here has the chocolate pebbled Chelsea hobos, signature hobos and pebbled duffles for 30% off.
  12. my macy is sooooooooo limited ! :sad:
  13. The Macy's near me had a bunch of bags at 30% off this past weekend. Nothing I was thrilled with though (thankfully!).
  14. The Macy's by me had a few bags, one of which was t he Soho signature large hobo in black...I took that one home for $160 (reg $298)!
  15. I didn't see anything I liked.