Macy's Sale Update Los Angeles area and Modesto

  1. So I went on a hunt for the 25% discount today.. Here's my news: Not all Macy's are having the sale and only some are having the 15% when you use your Macy's card. Here is a list so far of Macy's without the sale:
    1. Fox Hills Mall
    2. Del Amo (formerly Robinson's May)
    Macy's with the sale
    1. Del Amo original Macy's only 15% of with card that's what the SA told me.. probably wrong
    2. South Bay for sure but SA did 25% manually; it did not show up when scanned and add 15% with Macy's card.
    3. Vally Faire Mall in Modesto SA told me only 15% with Macy's card
    And here's an idea.. this is what I did.. if you like a bag @ a Macy's that is not having a sale purchase it on your Macy's card.. then go to a Macy's that has the sale return it and buy it back with the discount... this only works with the Macy's card bc the account credits and debits on the spot or if you pay with cash or have many credit cards. Sorry my post is so long.. Oh and one more thing you have 10 day after july 18th to pick up your purchase..
  2. Scratch the debit credit on the spot thing with the macy's card...
  3. Which one in the South Bay were you referring to? The one at South Bay Galleria?
  4. South Bay Galleria
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