Macy's sale this weekend

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  1. I just called my local Macy's to see if they had something in stock and they told me they were having a sale this weekend. 25% off Coach and another 20% off if you use your Macy's card. She let me put the bag I wanted on hold so I could pick it up on Friday at the sale price.

    Great deals to be had!
  2. Did she say what bags would be a 25% off?
  3. Not sure but I was able to use the discount for one of the new Legacy bags.
  4. Thanks for the info!! I just called and they said it's off everything! I might just get that legacy penny bag in emerald.
  5. Wow, that's an awesome deal. I called my Macy's and they said they aren't having a sale on Coach till Friends and Family, but they are clueless there. Is the sale Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?
  6. So it's 25% off all coach plus the extra 20% using my store card ? Sounds like a great deal :smile:
  7. Does anyone know if Macys still carries the gathered Lindsey in purple? I think the color is Aubergine
    Herald Square does not have it.
  8. That is what my store said last Saturday.
  9. What did you get?
  10. I thought you could only use the extra 20% pass on clearance items though?
  11. oh! i was at macy's today by coincidence. they're doing a pre-sale event only on coach. just like the op said, 25% off plus if you're a macy's card holder an extra 20% off (no pass is needed). it can even be on the non-sale items like the new legacy items. no orders so if you're game, go to a macy's that has what you want. you can pick up your items friday.

    btw, wednesday's (tomorrow) sale features the 20% off for macy's card holders, but there's no pass for it. the pass they do feature is for 15% off (and 10% off electrics)
  12. Just back from my closest Macy's and the SA knew nothing about any sales this weekend. Not all the Macy's near me sell coach so I am limited by that in finding one that is having the sale.
  13. Roosevelt Field (Garden City, NY) confirmed that they are participating in this special.
  14. I just received a call from my macys to let me know about the sale.
  15. I also popped int my Macy's...the SA told me specifically the sale is not going to be announced. So was actually in the process of calling her customers to let them know. It is 25% off pls 20% if you are using their CC. If you are not using their card- it is 15% additional because there apparently is a coupon coming in either the mail or paper...just a heads up;)