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  1. Hi all you Coach sales experts :P Hoping you might know the general time frame for the next Macy's sale where full price Coach would be included. I know there are a couple friends & family sales a year but can't remember when. There is a bag I want and REALLY want to use my Macy's gift card, but I hate paying full price.
  2. I think the next F&F should be around early December.
  3. yes next FF will be first week of december i believe, but i think there will be a VIP sale towards the beginning of september. VIP sale is usually 20% off fp.
  4. Ahhhhhh, yes, the VIP sale. I was thinking there was a sale around the September time frame. YAY. Now I just have to hope Macys will carry the bag I want.
  5. Can you use a coupon if you are paying with a Macys gift card, though? I always get a negative answer when I ask a clerk about doing that. So I thought you had to be paying with a Macys credit card to take advantage of a coupon.
  6. you can as long as anything over the gift card amount gets put on your macys card. so lets say you spend $200 and have a $50 gc you'd have to put the $150 on your macys to use the coupon. if the gc covers the whole purchase then you can use the gift card and coupon just fine.
  7. OK, thanks for the explanation. I appreciate it!
  8. I've just received a few Macys gift cards and am wondering how often Macy's updates their Coach selection. Anyone know? I don't see anything that I want right now -- am hoping for some fall colors or new items soon....
  9. I only get new coach in around the new floorset. So only once a month do we update our floor. I would wait until the beginning of September then stop in.
  10. Thank you very much for the information! The gift cards are burning a hole in my pocket, but I really want to see the fall colors -- I will hold on a bit longer! :cool: