macy's sale 25% off tokidoki PLUS an extra 25% off tutti! (san diego)

  1. hey guys, most of you probably know already but tokidoki bags are 25% off at macy's right now. tutti prints are already about 25% off, and are discounted 25% on top of that!

    i just bought a tutti dolce for $36+ tax, with the exact placement i was looking for (the one with the cell phone...i dont know the same, mozzarella, adios):yahoo: the back and front are almost identical, but i like the back better because i can see adios. the best part is, i had a gift card so i only paid a buck out of my pocket.

    info for san diego locals: fashion valley, mission valley, and utc all had vacanze, trasporto, fumo, and notte. the only one that had tutti for about 50% off retail after discounts was utc (they still had stellina, gioco, buon viaggio, dolce, canguro). hope that helps.
    bagfront.jpg bagback.jpg
  2. That's great! You wouldn't happen to know about Grossmont, would you?
  3. i live in la jolla so i've never been to the grossmont one. i'm just assuming all the macy's (or at least the ones in the area) are having the same sales. if you go to the grossmont one, please tell me what they have!

    i'm tempted to get a vacanze buon viaggio. it has the gelato bear that i absolutely love! my bf even offered to buy it for me, but it just looks TOO christmas-y to me and i don't know if i'll be using it in the upcoming months.
  4. that's an awesome placement donald! i wish my macy's carried them!!
  5. Cool, I wonder what Horton Plaza still has left.
  6. Wish SF would have sales like that.
  7. Macys UTC wouldn't give me 50% off Tutti when I went there today, they said only 25% off even though all tokidoki is on sale there... they said Tutti is a separate sale so I couldn't get 50% off. :sad: what did you tell them to get the 50%? were the Tutti on a separate table when you went?
  8. what a great deal! $36 wont even pay for shipping sometimes if you go with eBay.

  9. when i went on saturday, tutti bags were with the rest of the tokidoki bags but had prices marked down with a pen. in my case, the dolce was marked down from $80 to $60, and it scanned at $36. 25% off $60 is $45, so i'm not sure where the extra $9 discount came from though.

    maybe they made tutti a "separate sale" since then, but that would suck! it was such a great deal and i would've bought more, but i didn't like the print placement on most of the other bags. i actually liked the placement on the gioco, but i didn't want a big purse. what kind of discount are they offering for tutti now?
  10. Just an FYI, most Macy's stores in the US will be celebrating National Wear Red Day on February 1st to support heart disease research. If you wear red (or pay $2) you get a 15% off all day savings pass. Coach and Dooney bags are excluded but I believe the discount can be used on LeSportSac.

    Announcement is here but I think participation varies store to store: